film and photography

film and photography

Due to my Health slowly getting worse, I may not be able to do my job for much longer. So I want to take my hobbies further.

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Too film and photogragh non league football, rugby league and local bands. Also have an intrest in photographing the scooter scene. Whilst I am able to work full time looking after adults with learning disabilities, I would like to build up my portfolio. Hoping to publish some photographs, and hopefully make it a full time job. A couple of the guys I work with, would also like me to do a project on learning disabilities. Hoping to change how people see them. To do these little projects, I need help to buy the equipment make them. I want to become a photogragher and cameraman. I want to purchchase equipment so I can do this. Some of the guys I look after  want to help me do this, and want to help make some short films about themselves. They also want to may a pictorial 1 year diary of their lives.

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