Fill a Bookshelf - Marcus Rashford

by The Snug Bookshop and Café in Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom

Fill a Bookshelf - Marcus Rashford


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To ensure that every Child in Somerset has access to a copy of the Book, Marcus Rashford, You are a Champion - How to be the Best you can Be

by The Snug Bookshop and Café in Bridgwater, England, United Kingdom

According to The Literacy Trust, 1 in 11 disadvantaged children in the UK say that they don’t have a book of their own. That is heartbreaking, and in this modern age, completely bonkers. In the last year, Covid-19 has disrupted the education of so many children - many of whom are already disadvantaged. This meant that as many families struggled with home learning,  children from disadvantaged backgrounds were less likely to be read to at home, meaning they potentially fell behind. Some children have been at home in more difficult circumstances, and while many practitioners have provided virtual support to help families with home learning activities, there have been disparities in access to support. Low-income families were less likely to have the resources they needed, including the right digital devices and reliable internet connections. 

COVID-19 exacerbated factors that lead to isolation, lack of self worth, confidence and motivation in children. Poor mental health had a negative impact on the home learning environment as children missed out on social interactions with others. 

Bridgwater is not only a very disadvantaged area, but also in one of the worst areas for literacy. It was our original aim to provide each Child in Care in Bridgwater a copy of the book, and then a box of books to the local Food Bank. We would like to broaden our scheme however to also providing a copy of the book to every Primary school in Somerset. To achieve this , we would need 393 books. Each £5 donated will purchase one copy of the big, and inside will be a bookplate explaining that the book was kindly donated.

We have chosen this book by Marcus Rashford for so many reasons, but we will leave you with the dedication at the beginning of the book, in his own words... "To every young person, who is trying to find their way"

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