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by Lisa-Marie Taylor in United Kingdom


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Due to the financial risks of the pandemic interrupting FiLiA2021, we need to raise funds to secure our future. Please help us if you can.

by Lisa-Marie Taylor in United Kingdom


FiLiA is a Women-led volunteer charity. Our aims are to:

Build Sisterhood and Solidarity (locally, nationally and internationally)

Amplify the Voices of Women (particularly those less often heard or purposefully silenced)

Defend Women’s Human Rights

Around 8,500 Woman-hours are gifted by the FiLiA team each year. Speakers, artists, the security team etc also donate their time to make FiLiA happen and we want to take this moment to thank them all for their contributions. 

1617620356_banner_1.jpgFiLiA’s annual grassroots feminist conference receives no funding, and relies upon ticket sales to cover all costs. Since we began in 2013, we have purposefully kept ticket costs low to ensure that as many of our Sisters as possible are able to take part. We launched a Solidarity Ticket and Friends of FiLiA scheme to further enable Women to attend who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

We say all this because it’s important to note that FiLiA is a monumental exercise in grassroots volunteer organising and our priority has always been to ensure that FiLiA is as accessible as possible, rather than to make money. 

FiLiA is an important date in the feminist calendar; this year more than ever. Around the world women are rising, and it's far too long since we have been able to come together in real life. We are working hard to make FiLiA2021 happen, but we have to be realistic about the financial risks we are taking due to the pandemic. Which is why we are asking for your help.

The possible outcomes for FiLiA2021

1. We can meet, but there are restrictions on the numbers of attendees which makes going ahead not viable, resulting in FiLiA having to cover between £11,596 and £23,192 of venue costs depending on the time of cancellation.

2. The government imposes a further lockdown, meaning that FiLiA2021 will not be able to go ahead. In this case, our venue costs will be refunded in full.

3. There are no restrictions and FiLiA goes ahead as planned (we are currently organising for this so please keep buying your tickets!).

The Crowdfunder - what will your donations fund?

  • If restricted attendee numbers mean that FiLiA is not viable, your funds will cover our financial liability to the venue, allowing FiLiA to continue our work in future years.
  • If the conference is cancelled due to a further lockdown, or is able to go ahead (fingers crossed!) we will use your donations to cover venue deposits for FiLiA2022 (Cardiff) and FiLiA2023 (Glasgow) allowing us to secure the venues and continue to keep ticket costs down.

We realise that this is a big ask, but it’s a necessary one if FiLiA is to be able to commit to moving to the next stage of conference planning for this year, and to continue our work amplifying the voices of Women via our podcasts, blogs and future conferences. 

We hope to see you on October 16th-17th at FiLiA2021 in Portsmouth!

Sisterhood and Solidarity!

FiLiA Team

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PPS Tickets will automatically carry over to 2022 if FiLiA2021 can't go ahead.


Joanne asked for us to add details about the FiLiA conference. Here's a little bit of information, but please visit our website for more. 


Our volunteer team has organised a Feminist conference since 2013. Evolving quickly into a two-day international event, FiLiA reflects Women’s desire to gather; building and strengthening the Women’s Liberation Movement. FiLiA has platformed Women from 49 countries so far, with a particular focus on those less often heard or purposefully silenced. The FiLiA conference provides an opportunity to highlight the vast amount of work and activism being done by Women for Women locally, nationally and globally. In coming together, we contribute to building Feminist Sisterhood and Solidarity as well as growing the movement (62% of Women at FiLiA2019 said that it was their first FiLiA conference).

The conference is a vibrant space full of Women, art, stalls, lots of conversations, discussions, debates and laughter. We take part in activism on the Saturday evening (last time we marched against the sex trade, reading out the names of those Women murdered by men whilst in prostitution. In 2021 we will march against Femicide). We also have a Women only party in the evening which is just magical.

We sold out last year. Hundreds and hundreds of Women queuing to be a part of this wonderful event. Hopefully see you all again in 2021!

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