Fiji Thursday - Winners Bonus for Fiji Rugby !

Fiji Thursday - Winners Bonus for Fiji Rugby !

LETS MAKE IT FIJI THURSDAY !! Fiji v Wales World cup Rugby. England fans, get behind Fiji and show them your support !

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £18 with 4 supporters in 14 days


Dear All England Rugby Fans. I urge you to make a small pledge for Fiji.

I share your pain, I stood on Saturday, wine glass in hand, demolished at the hands of our nemesis.

But fear not, redemption is at hand. For one great nation, a nation of warriors, a nation of gentlemen, our greatest allies, Fiji can deliver our hopes and our dreams.


As a child watching rugby there was no better than Fiji rugby 7's. Skillful, fast, entertaining and magnificent. Unfortunately they have never been a well funded union, but we can help.

I propose to repay Fiji rugby with a winners bonus for Thursday.

What can Fiji do for us - well it's obvious - Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall - Please Fiji SAVE US !!

All contributions will be split as follows.

If Fiji beat Wales:

35% will be given to the Fiji squad - to keep personally - or to give to a charity at home or in England which they support.

35% will be given to Fiji Rugby to suport and develop rugby teams and clubs in Fiji as well as their international team.

30% will be given to local rugby clubs in England with an aim to encourage junior rugby for Englands future generation of rugby players.

If Fiji Lose:

50% To support Fiji Rugby

50% To support England local rugby clubs.


Please all England Rugby fans support this great cause! Show Fiji rugby you are behind them, make a small pledge and prepare to text your Welsh friends on Thursday afternoon !!

£1 Thank you. £3 Great. £5 Your magnificent. £ any more - you received a text message like I did on Saturday!

We have set the amount at £1000.00 but there is no limit - please help us raise more !



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