75 Year Old Brian Clarke, a self employed furniture remover, living in Cornwall, goes to bed at night wishing that he will never wake up.

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 75 Year Old Brian Clarke, a self employed furniture remover, living in Cornwall, decided to sign up for a free trial membership of a So Called, Self Styled Trade Association trading as The National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd.

But Brian decided, well within the notice period, to cancel his free trial and has stated that he wrote a letter to stop the membership continuing.

Brian also phoned the so called Guild, but never got his calls returned.

He got no acknowledgement of his cancellation.

Next thing he receives, is a bill for two years membership.

When Brian pointed out that he cancelled, the so called Guild denied having received any such letter.

They took Brian to court, and because prior the crucial hearing to appeal the judgment, he said that he received a phone call to say the hearing

was adjourned, ...he ...of course did not turn up on the day, and later found out that the Phone Call was a hoax.


He now faces a claim for over £14,000, plus costs that could even amount to more than that, and, as he is already struggling with his mortgage,

he cannot afford to pay this claim, and may end up losing his family home and everything that he ever worked for if not able to raise enough

to employ a solicitor to apply to courts for an appeal.


Judging by what has happened in the courts in many previous and very similar claims by this so called National Guild of Removers and Storers, the maximum amount that Brian would ever have been liable for, if anything, would have been £3800 inc vat, which is the most anyone has ever paid for a two year membership could possibly be even less, and if it can be taken back to court, and this is found to be the true maximum claim, then Brian could potentially

have all those costs cancelled.


But..unless we can raise the cost of the solicitor, it will never be heard in a court, and a great injustice will have been done to a hard working


Brian says that he sometimes goes to bed wishing that he will never wake up in the morning....and that this has destroyed his life.

That is the worst and most deserving case of this kind I have ever come accross and hopefully we can all join together to support Brian and pledge as much as possible to show our support.

The article that appeared in the Daily Mirror can be found using this link.























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