Fighting to see my children

by The Separated Dad in Maulden, England, United Kingdom

Fighting to see my children


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To gather up enough money for a court case that will offer me an equal, or greater, share of responsibility toward my children.

by The Separated Dad in Maulden, England, United Kingdom

I guess I need to start where the problems began. I left my ex partner 3 years ago. Unfortunately I also left behind two beautiful children.

They mean everything to me, I love them. I wish I could see them more, I wish I could do more for them. I won’t go into details, because that’s not for here. Things have gotten progressively worse, three years on and I’m no closer to seeing them regularly.

I’ve tried to work things out, I’ve tried to compromise, I’ve been more than accommodating to certain requests. But still, I can’t see my children regularly. My access is limited, but demands change when my ex partner sees fit.

I regularly pay CM, i pay for other things as well, clothes, swimming, trips, lunches etc. I try to keep in contact with my children via phone, but contact has been severely limited.

If you’re asking yourself about police involvement, I’ll answer honestly, I’ve called them twice. I’ve not got a criminal record, nor has there ever been a suggestion of any wrongdoing on my side (apart from being a terrible boyfriend). I can’t say the same about my ex partner.

I’m just a dad that wants to see his children, but I’m stuck, up against a tough person who holds all the cards. I’m up against a person who has almost managed to tactically wipe me out of our children’s lives. I’ve been made to feel like trash, like I’m not worthy of my children.

I want this all to be brought to an end. I’ve been going through court papers, I’ve printed over 1000 pages of evidence to support my case, I’ve looked into what needs to be done to go to court.

And I can’t do it. I don’t have the knowledge to fully go and do this all off my own back and represent myself in court. But I don’t have the funds to afford even a low cost law firm that will take on my case. (If such a thing exists).

If you donate, you’ll be helping me build and finish my case with a specialist law firm that deals with this sort of scenario day in day out. I don’t know if it costs £2k or £20k, but I know mediation was expensive and that didn’t work (twice). 

I’ll be doing a blog as I go along, because I’ve struggled and I know other guys struggle too. So I want to help. I’ve tried to fight this on my own and I’ve not really gotten anywhere, but there’s time to turn this around.

Any money donated will of course be put toward a legal expenses. This will include court fees, the cost of sending legal letters to my ex partner and the cost of someone representing me in family court. 

The main winner here - the children. A legal agreement means a more fair and balanced childhood with both parents involved.

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