Fighting the capitalist demons- Iwanttobuyahouse

by Robert Barbu in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

Fighting the capitalist demons- Iwanttobuyahouse


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having a house in order to be able to fight capitalist demons. Also to produce music and do my philosophy and religious studies+foraging etc

by Robert Barbu in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

I aim to buy a house.

Prove capitalism cannot always win over people.

Have a house.

Turn half of it into a music studio so I won't have to sing in my closet. Afford to buy food without thinking I have to use those money to pay rent.

Be less poor, I am a student of religion, philosophy and a poet, so basically I am prone to die alone and poor, that if I dont get a house. Then I can die poor, but at least I owned a house. 

I want to change the world, I actually do and I will, with or without a house but I wouldn't mind a house so I need the money to buy a house. Simple concept.

Obviously I need 70k to afford a mortgage (Living in the UK means the government wont allow you to get a house without going into a cripling debt: This country seems to enjoy sending its people into debt, *sips Earl Grey tea in a british accent*

Your money would help me buy one of those tiny parts of these long matchboxes they call houses (the photo for the fundraiser). I mean, it's something.

Let's make 'Fighting the capitalist demons- Iwanttobuyahouse' happen

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