Fighting Microsoft who are objecting to my patent

by Microsoft via Scholefield in London, England, United Kingdom


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Microsoft are trying to stop my patent application for my distro Windows 12 Lite. They believe they have patented the word Windows

by Microsoft via Scholefield in London, England, United Kingdom

I want to defend the patent application against Microsoft. 

Windows is the graphical interface of Unix and Linux. Microsoft thinks they own the patent name windows.You cannot patent a single word in the English dictionary. Microsoft thinks they have since they use it in Windows 10.

My application is for Windows 12 Lite and Microsfot are objecting to me using this patent name. They have no right whatsoever to raise any objections.

Microsoft discontinued Windows 7 security and charges $100 dollars for updates. Windows 10 is prone to bugs and Microsfot has refused to fix the holes that spread bugs and they are all down to Microsoft.

Just because Windows 10 is the market leader does not mean they have any right to stop other Linux Distros using Windows in the title. They are not threatened by Windows 12 Lite and indeed it is very benificial for Windows 10 as Windows 12 Lite dual boot with Windows 10 and all the files can be run from Windows 12 Lite with the safety of Linux and no virus. When Windows 10 is infected it can be uninstalled and a new version can replace it. Then the files saved on Windows 12 Lite can be put back to the Windows 10.

Windows 12 Lite is no threat to the dominance of Microsoft. They should discontinue this objection to my application. It will be more sensibel if Microsoft cancels it’s objection.

When I will I will give commission on sales to those who have supported my crowdfunding.


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