Fighting for free speech in UK

by Posie Parker in Devizes, England, United Kingdom

Fighting for free speech in UK
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On 7th April 2018 we successfully raised £12,224 with 505 supporters in 26 days

To fund a defence against the curtailing of free speech.

by Posie Parker in Devizes, England, United Kingdom

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Martin Neil 6th April 2018

Many thanks for fighting this issue so publicly and at some considerable personal stress and risk. Shame on our police. They are a disgrace.

Duncan Gafney 5th April 2018

Most people have no clue why Free Speech is the most important thing required to maintain freedom and democracy. Facts are facts, they don't give a monkeys about people's feelings, but idiots like these trans activists are trying to hoodwink people into believing that their feelings trump reality. I wish you the best of luck

Robert Boardman 3rd April 2018

It's a mental health condition trying to be normalised... It's being used to shut down free speech along with incorrect use of the word racism... The creation of the word homophobia which by definition is used incorrectly, the use of the word islamophobia and the promotion of lgbt groups which is inflammatory and actually damaging to gay people

Terry odowd 3rd April 2018

I believe in free speech is what makes us British. We are tolerant and are happy to listen to different views and opinions. I cannot believe the Police can arrest someone for tweeting their views. It’s not only a total waste of taxpayers’ money but it’s an assault on our freedom of speech. I don’t believe ordinary police are to blame, they are just doing what they are told to do. But there is something fundamentally wrong in their senior their leadership.

Lyndsey Si 3rd April 2018

Kellie: if this goes to court I would like to come along to support you. Please do keep everyone informed. Thank you for speaking up to protect our children.

Karen Davies 3rd April 2018

So sorry the UK police force are being manipulated by these unhinged people. Thank you for standing up for sanity, if the true facts were known the vast majority of the population would support you. I am worried that these dangerous ideas would be written into law if there weren't people like yourself daring to challenge them.

kate moorcock-abley 3rd April 2018

I think anybody can be whatever they want, once they are adults and able to make their own decisions. I also believe that people who do not agree with me have a right to speak.

ROBERT WHITE 2nd April 2018

The trauma of rhe interview will fade . Your cause is a wonderfully good one and I'm sure you would win but hopefully won't go that far. Best luck x

Angela Cook 2nd April 2018

Good luck ! I can only afford £5 I hope and pray you win your case I tweet stuff all the time, one day this could be me 😘🇬🇧

Neil Gardner 2nd April 2018

Intellectual freedom is essential in any democracy. Ideas about a wide range of ideas may offend some people's feelings. If expressed in a rational and evidence-based way, no ideas, however unorthodox, should be censored. Bad ideas will always lose if they can be challenged. Good ideas do not need legal protection.

Lee Jones 2nd April 2018

Free speech and common sense are being eroded if we don’t stop this rot. How do the Police look back on their say at work and honestly think that they are not ruining people’s lives. Good luck, the country is watching.

Michael Cornelius 2nd April 2018

Free speech is the pillar we build our culture and society upon. The first step of an authoritarian regime - be it marxist or fascist - is to control speech and intimidate against dissenting opinions. This is not the Britain I wish to see.

Derrick Pepperell 2nd April 2018

Too many sacrifices have been made to allow a handful of PC Zealots to destroy our right to free speech. It is the courage and determination that you are demonstrating that made us a free and proud nation and you will prevail. I am sure the overwhelming majority of Britains in their time honoured way of seeing off those who would enslave us will ensure you do.

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