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I will encourage adults to kick start their health and reduce their risk of serious illness, including COVID-19 and early mortality

by NB Medical in Billington, England, United Kingdom

1602697451_95da79bb-d871-4dff-a9dd-6422d442ff28.jpegI am a registered nurse who left the nhs and set up a private clinic. I self funded to become a nurse independent prescriber and a certified partner of the National Medical weight loss programme I. Order to support the governments better health campaign and reduce obesity within our communities.  There is data which shows that obese people are significantly more likely to become seriously ill and be admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 compared to those with a healthy BMI. Not only are you at a significant risk of early mortality if you contract covid-19 but obesity puts us at significant risk of other health conditions including cancer. I have now acquired a qualification to safely prescribe a medication to help people lose weight, I believe soon this medication will soon be approved by NICE. It can not be prescribed on the NHS as it is too expensive. But my patients trust me and they are paying for this medication. As my patient demand has expanded I have set up a private whats app group, Facebook group, I monitor their food and drink diary’s, I encourage exercise and liaise with nutritional experts to safely aid weight loss.  I review these patients face to face every two weeks to motivate and monitor weight loss results.  

My vision is to encourage as many people as possible with a safe weight loss programme and for this I require a clinic, specialist equipment and potentially I can open a post for a like minded health conscious individual to support my new business venture.

The funding will pay for a room, marketing, advertising, a qualified person who can manage my social media tools and other it tasks, uniform, specialist equipment to take full body composition and also monitor patients blood pressure, waist line, pulse, o2 saturation’s. I will be able to sign post high risk patients back to their gp, I will write to all patients gps informing them of the programme they are on. My most important task is to be able to afford to register with the CQC, so I can take private blood tests where necessary and really reduce the pressures of our GPS within my local community. My vision for my clinic will be be used for my patients to come in, safe distance, feel cared for and excited about enhancing their health and increasing life expectancy using evidence based weight management medication. I currently have 7 patients on board, I have more interest but I desperately need the space and money to fund this exciting service. Being a medical service that benefits health I will not have to close my doors due to covid-19 as we can risk assess and practice safely at all times using guidance in line with public health England’s advice. Being a nurse, I am bound by The Code, and it is my obligation to keep patients safe and free from harm.


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