Fight Injustice

Fight Injustice

To create a community based on efficiency, equality and accountability by giving people a voice

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To create a community based on efficiency, equality and accountability in all sectors of society.

For 12 months I have been helping individuals who have found themselves in difficulty.

Housing problems, benefits delays, hunger, mental illness, financial problems, crime and lots of other factors all contibute to a divided society that feels unhappy and unheard.

By giving individuals a voice a lot can be acheived. By tailoring specific plans to specific people means the resolutions to their problems can be found with nothing more than hard work, determination and a positive approach.

Recent times of austerity have resulted in many valuable services being underfunded or cut altogether.  I find it hard to stand by and watch whilst my friends, neighbours and strangers are suffering, through no real fault of their own.

Rent rises, benefit reductions and an underwhelming job market for unskilled workers has resulted in a lot of people being forced into poverty. The risk of homelessness has never been greater, the hard working families are being squeezed and things on a national level have never looked bleaker.

I have helped disabled people claw back a small resemblence of pride and dignity. I have helped homeless people find a place to live, I have helped to raise money for charities that offer an invaluable service to people in genuine need, I have helped many long term benefit recipients back into work, I have helped hard working families with their financial situations in order to help them achieve a sustainable lifestyle. I have taught "the unhelpable" to help themselves by instilling home management skills, financial management, drug rehab clinics, ethics, morals and self responsibility in to their lives. 

I have many success stories and many horrific stories of failure not just from the people I am trying to help but from the many organisations that are supposed to be there to help people.

My experiences have resulted in many moments of utter injustice and has forced me into thinking that an appropriate platform is required for members of the public, businesses and organisations to be able to resolve their differences in a transparent, efficient and fair way.

This is where the crowd funding comes in.....

I need to allocate an appropriate amount of time into each individual case. This requires office space, a telephone and a laptop with the internet.

I need to bring on board qualified people that are able to understand the aim of our business and who can find resolutions to even the biggest problems people have.

An internet presence is required so people can freely talk about the problems they are having and can seek the appropriate advice.

Short term I am helping 2-5 people a week, ranging from writing letters to arranging appointments, appeals or job interviews. Many different problems for many different people. Most of which, so far, we have managed to help.

Long term I would like to grow the business into a self sustaining social enterprise that hold people, governments and local authority to account. I want to provide an avenue for people to make real change to not only their live but the lives of everyone around them.

I envisage community projects, fund raising events, Training classes for life skills, an invaluable honest advice service  and a business that works for everyone not just itself.

Hopefully You guys can help me get a more socially balanced society where we all work together for the benefit of both individuals and society as a whole.