Fight for a Dementia cure!!

by Joanne Wheeler in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Fight for a Dementia cure!!


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I'm raising money for the Alzheimer's society charity for my nana, watching her deteriorate is the worst feeling in the world.

by Joanne Wheeler in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Hello, I'm Joanne. 

It may sound corny but my dream is to complete all 6 Abbott's Marathons! I completed the London marathon six months after being in hospital for six months, learning how to walk again and regaining strength to be able to get round the course on sugar! 

I have endometriosis which is a debilitating disease at times, and I also deal with balance attacks (still investigating why) which comes with an array of side effects.

This hasn't stopped me from registering for the Berlin Marathon!, I'm not going to stop my dream!!.

This time im raising money for a charity close to my heart! The Alzheimer's society charity!

They support families and are researching to find a cure for dementia, as at the moment it is the biggest killer in the UK and has no cure!. 

The reason for my choice is that my very energetic, bright, intelligent, strong & all round sensational nana got diagnosed with dementia. She was always travelling, socialising, looking after others, she was a walking encyclopedia, she was in all kinds of groups and activities, an amazing singer!! 

After many UTI's, hallucinations, confusion and being somewhat institutionalised... The diagnosis was given, the downfall was quite quick, being able to talk together and still do puzzles and talk about the past...but fast forward to today... she stares at me and doesn't know me, i sometimes have a little hope that the twinkle in her eye and her playful side that comes out from time to time is her telling me she remembers, but in a flash it's gone again. Sometimes she will laugh with me, about what I cannot tell you as her talking has diminished to babble, but her face lights up and it is pure happiness she gives out. But other times are dark she will hit you, try and shout at you, and will genuinely be scared of her own family, having forgotten them totally. It is so hard seeing someone you love go through this... And you can do absolutely nothing. helpless. You even feel that sometimes you being there to see her is more freightening and aggravating for her, you contemplate not going anymore so she doesn't have to go through that pain of now a stranger sitting Infront of her, her brain trying so hard to remember. It's soul crushing. 

I love her so much!! 

I'm so so sorry for all of you whom have read my story, one close to your heart as well and that you have or are going through the same thing.

I hope the Alzheimer's society charity will be able to use the money I am able to raise to find a cure for the near future!!! 

Thank you to everyone that has read my story and for your donations however big or small ???????????????? 

Thank you ????

Let's make 'Fight for a Dementia cure!!' happen