by Food Revival in Stanningley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd June 2019 we successfully raised £15,000 with 65 supporters in 28 days

Help us to intercept more food waste to share with our communities.

by Food Revival in Stanningley, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra donations will be used to help us to buy a further freezer which will give us the capacity to intercept even more of that perfectly usable surplus food.  We know there is plenty more to be rescued. 

If we get any donations above a second freezer we would like to start a development programme for our volunteers and staff to ensure they extend their skill sets.  Extra donations would allow us to start training.  Thank you!



… making sense of food waste …

It is a shocking to know that 1/3 of all the food produced globally ends up being wasted,  and 25% of the world’s fresh water supply and an area equal to the size of China is used to produce food that will never be eaten.  Food waste contributes 4.4 billion tons of annual greenhouse emissions annually.

Food Revival has spent 6 years working in Leeds to collect surplus food from retailers and producers and finding innovative ways of putting it to good use.  We are part of a food education programme for the next generation and aim to stimulate debate about surplus food and its usage. 

This is our local contribution to a global problem.

…what can be done with food waste…

The surplus food we receive is all in good condition, usable and capable of nourishing and sustaining families.   The environment is suffering from food waste.   There are people in our cities who are suffering from food poverty and children who are too hungry to learn effectively in school.     


We currently work with 30 primary schools across Leeds and Bradford supplying each with 7 crates of food a week to the benefit of 10,000 staff, schoolchildren and their families.    We are proud that this food is delivered in support of the food waste and global sustainability education programme delivered by Rethink Food and that food goes on to be offered to school communities on mindful donation basis.


We supply over 100 family friendly Food Revival Boxes, containing enough food for four, per week in exchange for a contribution to our overheads only.  


We share food, free of charge, with other social enterprises and Pay As You Feel cafes in Leeds and Bradford.

We are committed to offering reliable access to food to children and communities throughout the school holidays.  Schools can ask for deliveries 52 weeks of the year and we support holiday hunger and healthy holiday programmes across both cities.

Our Food Revival Market Hall offers food to the public, without referral, to anyone and everyone.

Our events team offer environmentally friendly catering at wedding, parties, business meetings and other gatherings.  As well as being huge fun and privilege to cater for people, events offer a great way for us to showcase just what is possible with surplus food - still fit for use, still of quality and still very, very nutritious.

All our food is offered in return for some thought about how it has arrived with us and what value it still has – donations based on that thought of money, time or skills are always welcome.

…  why we need your support …

We have worked hard to meet our own costs on our day to day operations but we have reached a point where we need a little help to intercept even more usable food waste.   This is our first Food Revival crowdfunder and we are excited about why we need it right now.  Here is why:-

We have an amazing team of volunteers who are dedicated to our cause and see the social benefit we can deliver as a result of our environmental work.  We have a range of food producers, distributors and supermarkets from whom we intercept food and that network is expanding.

We currently intercept a minimum of 1 TONNE OF FOOD EVERY DAY but that amount is set to rise which will mean we can offer even more food, to even more children and families, across our cities and communities. However, key to that increased supply of food is improving our refrigerated storage space to keep it in great condition.

We would like to take at least double the amount of food we currently intercept - a new fridge and freezer will allow us to do that.   Our aim is to get modern and energy efficient refrigeration to give us greater capacity and an easier working environment for our volunteers.

Increased storage and more food will mean we can offer food to a wider range of people.   Once we double our interceptions we hope to establish at least one hub in another area of Leeds or Bradford to offer easy access to food in more communities.

Our goal of £10,000 will help us to buy one fridge and freezer and immediately allow us to stop even more perfectly usable food from being wasted. 

...your support means alot to us.....

Food Revival love the work we do and are committed to making a difference to the environment,schools and families in Leeds and Bradford - we want to do more of what we already do well.

Your pledge will allow us to do this and your support will mean that over the next few years you will be part of improving the environment and supporting schoolchildren and families across Leeds and Bradford.  Once you have donated, you are involved in doing all that amazing stuff, every day, before you even get out of bed!

... please share our campaign ...

Please help us reach our target by sharing our campaign.  We would love it if you could tell your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours about Food Revival and our goal of raising £10,000 so we can intercept and re-distribute even more surplus food.    Please share our Crowdfunder page by email, Facebook, Twitter or any digital means.  Good old fashioned word of mouth or a letter would be great too!

Many thanks from all the team at Food Revival and our community.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

1 of 6 claimed


In return for your £40 pledge we will put a Food Revival Box into our holiday programme. This is enough food for a family of four which can be collected from our warehouse as part of our Revival Box initiative. Your pledge could help to relieve holiday hunger, give short term support to a family or free up a little income for a family day out. You can make a real difference and make sense of food waste.

£5 or more

£5 Tweeting and posting a huge thank you.

Thank you - we really mean thank you - for your pledge and we would love to add your name to our supporters' page on the website and give you a shout out on Twitter.

£20 or more

4 of 150 claimed

Be a brick in our wall of thanks.

Not just another brick in the wall but a special part of building our future. We are looking forward to having a wall covered in the names of those who have contributed to our freezer arriving. We will send you a photo of your brick and you will get a mention on our supporters page on the website.

£20 or more

1 of 100 claimed

£20 A branded keep cup

Enjoy your refills of coffee with a light, portable, sustainably produced and biodegradable bamboo fibre cup with lid with our logo and get a mention on our supporters page on the website.

£30 or more

2 of 100 claimed

Cool bag with Food Revival logo

A £30 pledge will get you a cool bag with the Food Revival log just in time for the picnic season or to help you get your chilled goods home from the shops or our Market Hall. As you enjoy your perfect temperature food you know that you also feature on the supporters page of our website.

£40 or more

0 of 20 claimed

A Food Revival T shirt in hardwearing cotton

In recognition of your £40 pledge we will send you a Food Revival T shirt. Our logo is on the front and our motto on the back with white print on a grey background. A range of sizes are available. As you model your new T shirt you will know that your name is on our supporters page on the website too.

£150 or more

0 of 25 claimed

Summer in the city reward bundle

A big thank you for a big pledge and we will be delighted to send you a branded cool bag, re-fillable coffee cup, T shirt, a brick in the wall of thanks and a mention on the supporters page of our website.

£150 or more

0 of 20 claimed

The full on Food Revival experience and lunch

See how we collect, assess and sort food waste, how we re-distribute it and see how it all tastes with a Food Revival lunch. ** a morning collecting the amazing range of food waste followed by ** A DELICIOUS FOOD REVIVAL LUNCH ** the chance to see how our brilliant volunteers collate nutritionally balanced food boxes for families and schools. ** a T shirt ** complete your own brick in the wall of thanks ** a thank you on the website.

£250 or more

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Corporate package

Your logo on the supporters' page of our website, shout outs on social media to say thank you and a certificate of support for your wall to inspire others.

£500 or more

6 of 10 claimed

Food Revival Box for a year

Enjoy a Revival Food box for one year. Carefully created by our brilliant volunteers your reward for this pledge is one food box which will sustain a family of four for a week. Collect from our warehouse in Pudsey and when you come you can also see what is available in the fridges and freezers. Available for 52 weeks and, if you let us know, we will take dietary requirements into account where possible. Reward starts week commencing 10.6.19.

£500 or more

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Corporate package - the £500 version

Get your logo onto one of our vans and get it seen as we deliver food into schools across Leeds and Bradford. Your logo goes on the supporters' page of our website, we will give you shout outs on social media and a certificate of support for your wall to inspire others!

£1,000 or more

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Corporate sponsorship of a fridge

In return for direct sponsorship towards a fridge we will put your logo on the fridge or give you a double brick in the wall of thanks, logo and mention on the supporters' page of our website, give you shout outs on social media to say thanks, and send you a certificate of thanks for your wall to inspire others!

£1,000 or more

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Corporate sponsorship of a freezer

In return for direct sponsorship towards a freezer we will put your logo on the freezer or give you a double brick in the wall of thanks, logo and mention on the supporters' page of our website, give you shout outs on social media to say thanks, and send you a certificate of thanks for your wall to inspire others!

£2,600 or more

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Sponsor a local school education programme 2019-20

Sponsor your local primary school to receive a Rethink Food Education programme for a year. The programme is designed around the UN Sustainable Development Goals incorporating global food production and waste alongside the National Curriculum and provides assemblies, resources and teacher training, supported by 7 crates of surplus food each week. Help educate the next generation and ensure access to affordable and nutritious food.

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