Fight Brexit War Chest

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Fight Brexit War Chest
We did it
On 11th September 2017 we successfully raised £52,032 with 1736 supporters in 35 days

Funding for the pro-EU campaign. Including rallies at Party Conferences, and a Mass Lobby of Parliament. Let’s Fight Brexit together.

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Dr ChristopherJ Betts 6th September 2017

I am 70 now and I have never seen anything so disastrously stupid and harmful as Brexit in all my professional career. My father fought for peace in Europe and the EU has maintained it. The 2016 referendum was a travesty of democracy with its mendacity, exclusion of people who should have been allowed to vote, shady funding and now, we hear, likely manipulation through social media. The isolationism of Brexit is a devastating betrayal of science, the arts, the environment and the economy. Brexit's arbitrary removal of our EU citizen rights & privileges that were permanently conferred on us is wholly unacceptable. The advisory 2016 referendum should have been set aside but since it seems the government, in thrall to a cabal of selfish, shouty and misguided Brexiteers and tabloids, has not got the common sense to see through the machinations of these people who would bring our country down, then another referendum, run on truth and verifiably objective explanations of consequences this time and including 16/17 year olds, all ex-pats in the EU and all permanent EU citizens in the UK, should be held.

Michael Romberg 4th September 2017

We should campaign for MPs to amend the Brexit Bill to provide for a referendum on the terms with the option to Remain. That is the transparent democratic way to stop Brexit. It is the only method that would leave the losing side feeling that they had had every chance to put their case.

Sally Mays 17th August 2017

There should never have been a referendum in the first place - it wasn't needed - and it wasn't meant for "the people", it was to quell Tory Party infighting. The very narrow (unexpected, by David Cameron) majority for Leave was gained through lies, including the one regarding NHS funding, for which there has been no follow up accountability. Theresa May suddenly became an arch Leaver rather than a Remainer. The whole thing is a disaster - already, and also set to get a lot worse. "Brexit" has contributed to a rise in racist attitudes, or brought them out into the open - ie, give them oxygen. Keeping together with our European neighbours is clearly the only sensible option, and the majority of MPs know this. We need to hang on to the peace of the last seventy years ... and we need to do it for our children and grandchildren. I am in the upper bracket age-wise, and know many more in my age group who feel as I do. I also know of younger people who voted out - so let's also be careful not to discriminate against older folk and blame them for the Out vote!

Helen Shay 15th August 2017

It's becoming clearer and clearer how bad the consequences will be for everyone and the young have been particularly let down. Misleading statements were made before the referendum (which was 'advisory') and the result was very narrow. In a parliamentary democracy, that should not be the end of the matter when so many, especially younger generations, are against it and will lose so much through it.

Thekahns 14th August 2017

As an EU national married to a Brit I am completely in favour of (and behind) anything that can be done to change the general understanding of what 'leaving the EU' actually means, and to reverse the outcome of last year's Referendum, but please let this campaign stay positive and peaceful, yes adamant but let it not develop into riots or other 'crowd behaviour' (as in 'War Chest'). That is not what I am backing.

fionna-oleary 12th August 2017

Donating a second time as, after some thought and chats with friends, we think the fact that four different groups are working together cooperatively should be where the money goes. Let's hope the other Pro EU groups do the same so money can be spent most effectively, particularly because of that loud, ticking clock.

fionna-oleary 11th August 2017

I'm glad to see some of the Pro Europe groups working together. Thank you. I wish all would so that resources could be shared and there was a full list of all demos, meetings, contacts etc. Time is getting short and we need to be as coordinated as much as possible and as strategic as possible, I'm finding the multiplicity of groups & keeping up with donating Mrs and activities quite confusing. Are you coordinating with Best for Britain, More United, The 48%, Open Britain, People for Europe? It would be great if we got united action.

Helen Higgs 11th August 2017

Thanks for putting this fight together. I bought a house in France in 2010, with the intention of retiring there. I probably cannot afford to move there in the next 2 years and am really worried about falling between the 2 stools of UK/EU residence. A first world problem maybe, but Brexit is rapidly moving the UK out of the first world

Gruff 9th August 2017

I, and about 4.5 million other EU migrants across the whole continent are battling daily with the consequences of this shambolic referendum in which we had no vote. I doubt I'm the only one who's blood pressure goes through the roof when I hear talk of “the democratic will of the people”.

Gail Elsharief 9th August 2017

The referendum was a con. Purely for the sake of Tory infighting. They put party before country and we will all suffer the consequences IF Brexit goes ahead. Our young will be denied the rights and privileges previous generations benefitted from. Working together in the EU has given us peace and stability. I trust the EU more than our Tory government who are destroying our country, our NHS and the future of ordinary citizens. Brexit HAS to be stopped.

Michael Romberg 8th August 2017

Now that these four bodies have come together the Remain movement is much stronger. We can obtain and then win a referendum on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain. That is the fair, democratic and transparent way of stopping Brexit. Given that we started the process with a referendum it is the only way that the losers will accept the result. So we should urge MPs to amend the Government's Brexit legislation to provide for the referendum. More on my Facebook page: Campaign for the Real Referendum - on the Terms of Brexit.

Jerry Norbury 8th August 2017

Thank you all for donating to this cause. I am one of the UK people in the EU - denied the vote on my own future, unsure how this will all pan out.

Gerald 8th August 2017

May I wish everyone who thinks Brexit is a bad idea, the good will and stamina, to keep up the fight to remain in the EU. I'm really hoping that we can get that vote on the deal. It would be great if it was just abandoned but I believe we need the vote to legitimise remaining in the EU.

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