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Contemporary Period Drama set in 1946 Ireland. Funding required for early development of TV Series to finance location & industry research.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

FIELDS OF HOME--A 1946 tale of tragedy, friendship, and love that you cannot have. Set in Donegal, Ireland, life for Kitty is tough and tiresome. Forced to give up her dreams, she battles against cultural and political powers to save her dead father's farm from collapsing, whilst maintaining her family's reputation. But when a corrupt underworld of bootleg criminals intervene, Kitty and the whole village, are placed in harms way. A clash of classes and religious divide, Kitty, along with those closest to her, must find peace on an island where harmony appears to be lost in the fields of home.

Project Brief--"Fields of Home" is an original concept and collection of scripts written by Laura Douglas, with the aim of developing the project to professional level and pitching it to Producers and Production Companies within the British, Northern Irish, and Republic of Ireland TV and Film industries, with the hope of it being invested in and and commissioned for a full length broadcast quality Television Series to go into production.  At present, the project is being independently worked on by a group of theatre and media industry professionals.  Initially, the concept had a lot of local support from the offset.  Laura attended meetings in the early stages of writing with historians at the Ulster American Folk Park in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  She got invaluable information there, and is indebted to them for the time they took to sit and discuss Ireland's history in such depth.  The script also had local attention in the London scene, with a tester cast read-through being held.  However, the Pilot script has now attracted considerable attention from various external sources too.  The production team would like to invite anyone on board who is willing to contribute to their (ad)venture of making the project a national and established TV Series and Period Drama production.

Please email us at info@fieldsofhome.co.uk or fieldsofhometv@gmail.com for more information.

All funds raised from the pledges made by backers will go directly towards development costings; to finance location, casting and industry research, to fund the production of a formal provisional cast photoshoot on location and in Period costume, to fund the production of short monologue-styled teaser clip, and to hire and pay for a Production Advisor, who will help the team to develop an initial draft budget for the Pilot Episode.  These early phases of development will go towards the design of a comprehensive Treatment and Press pack, which will be taken to investors, Producers, and Production Companies, around the UK and Ireland.

Plot Summary--'Fields of Home' is a contemporary Period Drama, set in the quaint village of Carrigans in Donegal, Ireland. A 1946 tale of tragedy, friendship, and love that you cannot have, we follow the journey of local country girl, Kitty, as she struggles to rescue the family farm from going under. Slumped in the aftermath of the Second World War, times are tough for the McCreadys who are left devastated by the tragic deaths of their father and youngest brother. Kitty, the eldest in the family, is forced to give up her hopes of becoming a schoolteacher, and with the help of younger sister, Rosie, and their other siblings, they work together to save the farm and keep their father's memory alive. Things are not helped by their mother, Mary, who is spiralling deeper into alcoholism. Her depression is infectious and Kitty is forced to take charge. Whilst their oldest brother Patrick carves his new life in America, it becomes clear that his absence is missed, and as an impending debt from an old friend looms over Kitty's head, Patrick must work to send money home. But this does not repair the strain, and Kitty is backed into a corner, with the weight of the farm and her whole family’s reputation on her shoulders. Paul, their brother, attempts to pull the family out of danger by turning to the wrong people – a troublemaking gang, run by ruffian Sean O’Toole, a local thug's son. After getting caught up in smuggling poteen across the border, and poaching salmon from the river Foyle, things get out-of-hand fast. Meanwhile, Kitty questions her relationship with the local doctor, Andrew Thompson, feeling she is now not good enough for him, but he refuses to stop dating her, despite his aristocratic mother Victoria's pleas. Keen to ensure her children have priviledged lives in medicinal professions, they must find partners of equal measure, and Kitty is no longer the prospect she once was. In this small community, the rife criminal and paramilitary violence soon creates tension amongst neighbours. The Garda and B-Specials try to catch those responsible, but the town cannot protect itself and its inhabitants forever. Eventually, Catholic and Protestant family friends are forced to confront their differences. But when innocent people get hurt, and religious diversity becomes too much to handle, it threatens to tear people from both sides apart. In a village nestled in the idyllic beauty of Donegal, sweeping down to the banks of the Foyle, Kitty's quest becomes a clash of classes and religious dischord, where unity must prevail, on both sides of a border where trouble spills into the fields of everyone's home.


Meet the Production Team--Screenwriter, Laura Douglas, was born and brought up in the town of Limavady, in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  Home to globally renowned Irish folk tune Danny Boy, Laura has always been surrounded by tales of a bygone time.  Creative imagination and artistry was obviously engrained within her psyche from an early age, as she grew up singing and acting in local stage plays, and eventually went on to star in professional youth productions of Musical Theatre in the area.  After studying as an undergraduate, Laura uprooted and made the leap to the dizzy heights of London, when she trained professionally as an actor at Arts Educational Schools.  Since then, Laura has delved into her past and has crafted a unique, modern, and ethnographically charged script, which not only challenges personal tribulations of life, people, and its problems, but also questions the national trials that the island of Ireland's past, present, and future's social landscape, brings to the table.  

SCREENWRITER:  LAURA DOUGLASLaura is a professionally trained actor-musician-writer. Since graduating, she has been developing new work and providing original material for showreels. Her first full-length play 'untranslatable.', written with Matthew Graham, is being produced this Summer. Laura believes in creating work that matters to her, and with this in mind she embarked on writing 'Fields of Home', which is set close by where she grew up. Laura is very excited that others have taken interest in the project, and she is thankful to be working alongside such talented, passionate minds to bring this to life.

PRODUCTION MANAGER:  CONNOR RICHMONDConnor was born and bred in Northern Ireland, and is currently based between there and North England, near Manchester/Liverpool, since graduating in Film and Television Production, and being a scholar for Excellence in Performing and Visual Arts. Connor is currently working as Production Manager and Script Editor on ‘Fields of Home’, as well as being Script Editor on a Period Feature Film adaptation of a historical fiction novel. Whilst also developing a Webseries with ‘Northern Folk Stories’, he has extensive experience, including working as Assistant Director on stage dramas, having film and TV work screened on Granada Reports, ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', BBC Radio Merseyside & Ulster, and Liverpool-Irish Festival, and also working as Director on a commissioned Pilot episode of a TV show. Connor enjoys the synergy between likeminded creatives. He is keen to get this project on the road, and is honoured to be working with such spirited people, also forging their own paths in the industry.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT:  DONNCHA KEARNEYDonncha is an acting professional from the west of Ireland, now based in London.  Coming from a Radio and Television presenting background, Donncha has transitioned into acting and producing since graduating with an MA in Acting from ArtsEd London, and he has been busy working on numerous projects such as "Love is on our Side" with Theatre Renegade (Southwark Playhouse) and a number of short films including the award winning "Moving Cities" directed by Jevan Chowdhury. He produced "Full Circle” at Above the Arts Theatre in Covent Garden last month and the Drama UK Irish showcase at the Tristan Bates Theatre in February. He believes it is important to always be moving forward and creating new work and is excited to be working with such a motivated and energetic team on "Fields of Home". 

HISTORICAL CONSULTANT:  DAVID DUNLOPDavid is a former teacher and school Principal in Northern Ireland, David has written several musical dramas and novels, generally with historical themes. Currently residing in Donegal, he plays traditional music and continues to write. He is enjoying involvement in the development stages of scripting for "Fields of Home", whilst also working on a feature film length screenplay adaptation of his upcoming novel, titled "The Broken Fiddle", set in Ireland in 1922, just after the border was drawn up.REBECCA THOMPSON:  CASTING SUPERVISORRebecca is the founder and Artistic Director of Encore Performing Arts Academy in Northern Ireland, and was involved in reading the first few drafts of the series. Since then she has a helped the team to audition and cast students from the Academy for upcoming photoshoots and teasers.ADDIS BLAIR:  COSTUME & WARDROBE SUPERVISORAddis, singer and actor in her own right, has performed in countless local shows and through this, she has accumulated an array of costumes. She has acted as Wardrobe Assistant and Costume Designer for many shows, and has kindly given her services to the team during the development phases of casting and locational research.



Thank you for taking the time to read about our project - we hope you like it.  This is a huge (ad)venture for all of us involved, but we are so excited and ready to take our Script and Treatment to the next level.  We would now like to invite you on board the journey.  Please consider pledging a donation towards the development funds of the production.  Your pledge will not go wasted.  Thank you.

Please email us at  info@fieldsofhome.co.uk or fieldsofhometv@gmail.com for more information.



(Project image credited to Dorothea Lange/Getty Images & Laura Douglas).