FGUK Magazine New Media Website and Shop

FGUK wish to create an easy accessible online platform that promotes creative emerging Arts and Design from Lookbooks to retailing products.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The FGUK has been running for 3 years. Interviewing, Sourcing and promoting new arts across social media and beyond. 

We aim to find, highlight and support emerging talent across all disciplines. Although we focus on the men’s hemisphere we continue to promote unisex and genderless ideas alongside androgynous womenswear. We want to be able to support young creatives from students, artists, designers to graphic artists in giving them somewhere to promote their art and skill. 

We have produced 2 print issues that have retailed across the UK and in boutique Magazine locations including Selfridges with a 90% Sell through. Have gained 100K web hits a month to our brand site and over 70K followers across all social media. We have over 3000 monthly subscribers and have recently started retailing our own Merchandise.