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Hello lovely people! The UK hip hop trio Strangelove are working in conjunction with up and coming director "Fionn Robson Guilfoyle" on their next music video. The marriage of Fionn's dark but sleek and innovative visual style with Strangelove's "industrial" and hypnotic" sound will no doubt produce a compelling spectacle. Keep the true spirit of Hip Hop alive with your donations!!! Cheers

We did it!

On 5th Dec 2013 we successfully raised £315 of £300 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

Judging by the feedback on their previous videos,

" Wonderful mindwarping weirdness." 

" freakin awesome dudes :p dope vibe and lyrics.!! " 

"That was phenomenal!"

Strangelove's artistic progression is turning heads. Now, their joining forces with up and coming director Fionn Robson-Guilfoyle (http://cargocollective.com/fguilfoyle) to shoot what is set too be their most innovative music video yet. 

Drawing inspiration from the work of  Chris Cunningham, Fionn's directorial style explores the dark and surreal by blending sleek photography with innovative visual effects.  Whilst Strangelove, who co-incidentally find their own inspiration in 90's trip hop act Portishead with whom Cunningham worked, provide a head-dizzying pallete of sounds and lyrical expression in their debut EP "Purple".


This marriage of two artistic visions, each burgeoning auteurs in their respective artforms,  promises to be an explosive mix and will surely result in some pretty great "stuff". 

We have already secured our film crew and locations so we are 2/3 of the way there! However, In order to make this project possible we need to raise £300 minimum to cover the cost of equipment hire and transportation on the two nights of shooting.


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