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Help us reuse leftover festival tents! We clean, repair, and repackage leftover festival tents, to then sell super cheap!

by Thomas Panton in Lamplugh, England, United Kingdom

Every business comes from the mind of someone who wants to change something. FESTOVERS comes from the mind of someone who wants to better something.  Thomas Panton, founder, has been a punter, a worker, and a performer at festivals since the age of 13, and one thing that always struck him as a problem was the wastage left afterwards.

In his early 20s he began working for Greenpeace UK and was further educated on the issues of festival wastage.  FESTOVERS came from Thomas' frustration at the leftover waste at festivals, but it also came from the simple fact we need to do better, the knowledge that we can do better, and the idea to make it happen is right here waiting for you...

Now FESTOVERS works with festivals, like Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, to take all the leftover tents at the end of the weekend - we clean them, we repair them, we repackage them, and then we sell them to you for a much cheaper price! It's a win win win on all accounts! 

The Goal

We're aiming to work with festivals to get rid of their tent wastage problem. Helping the environment and helping your pocket. This year we're testing it out at Truck Festival, Oxfordshire! If it works well we'll expand next year and hopefully continue to grow.  Not only this but we aim to have a stall at all the festivals we work with to promote the idea, but also to educate the public on the environmental damage leaving a tent behind can do and how buying second hand is the best way forward.

Where you come in

We're a startup, coming from the mind of one person.  Which means we need funding.  Think of it as your way of helping a company do better for you in the long run, but not only that, think of it as you helping tackle the environmental crisis in a different way. With your help we'll be able to reach out to more festivals, prepare a larger infrastructure, and employ the people we need to make this work; meaning cheaper tents (YAY!) for everyone and less waste (YAY YAY!) going into landfill (boooo!).

The money

This year we'll be using the money to: set up our first warehouse, hire vehicles to collect the tents post-festival, set up our stall and think about how we can best utilise our space to draw people into the movement, buy the relevant equipment to do the actual job, and then the boring stuff but super important stuff like insurance, wages, subsriptions, and expansion etc. It all adds up which is why we're coming to you for help.

Please consider donating and helping us launch this fantastic new project!


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