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We want to light up Northenden for Christmas, & provide a festive community event. Can you help us to get lights through the village centre?

by Northenden Neighbourhood Forum in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

So many Northenden residents have expressed their disappointment about the lack of Christmas lights that we want to do something about it this year. A festive looking village helps us to feel better, makes shoppers and visitors feel welcome, and gives us all some community pride. 

Our campaign aims to raise enough money to put lighting all the way down the high street, not just in one area. We would like a large tree - not one that falls over or is too small to be lit properly! We have the agreement of Northenden Social Club who have offered use of their outdoor space, so that we can create a worthwhile celebratory event. The Christmas tree would be located outside Tesco for the festive season. 

We are applying for funding from Manchester City Council and local businesses are getting involved with sponsorship but we would also like to invite our community to participate through this crowdfunding campaign. 

Your pledges, large or small, will make a difference to what we can organise for the Northenden community. Rather than a few lamp post column decorations, we would like this to extend all the way down the high street, with wall mounted trees on shops where there aren't lamp posts. 

Lighting has to be hired through the Manchester City Council contractor, Amey, but we would like to invest in the wall mounted trees so that we have some of our own equipment for future - making it cheaper in years to come.

A high volume of pledges from residents will demonstrate local support and may lead to greater funding from business and other sponsors. 

The local newspaper, Your Local Voice, will support the campaign and event with coverage, and with your help, we hope to move forward and book our festive lighting in good time. 

Our All-Or-Nothing target is £5,500

This includes crowdfunding page fees of 5% on the target raised + VAT + 1.67% card transaction fee per donation. No funds are taken from your account if the final target is not reached by the deadline.



Who is organising the Christmas campaign? 

Northenden Neighbourhood Forum (NNF) has agreed to co-ordinate the fundraising, make grant applications and approach possible sponsors. Several NNF Committee members have volunteered to undertake work on this, with help from other NNF members.

NNF is an organisation established to contribute to and improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of Northenden. The area it covers is Northenden village, and anyone who lives, works, or operates a business in the area is entitled to join, free of charge.

We hold monthly general meetings about issues of interest and concern to residents and workers, and provide information via our Facebook page and Twitter accounts. 

Who will be handling the money?

NNF’s bank account will be used. The NNF committee are responsible for administrating the finances of NNF on behalf of the membership.

What about people who don’t have internet access – is there some way for them to contribute?

Yes, we have cash collection tins at Northenden Social Club on Palatine Rd, and Wythenshawe Cricket Club on Longley Lane.

We can also receive cheques made payable to ‘Northenden Neighbourhood Forum’. Please place in an envelope marked ‘NNF – Christmas Appeal’ and hand in at Taylors Newsagent on Palatine Rd.

What will happen to the money if the target isn't reached?

Money contributed via this crowdfunding site will be returned to the donor, as per the T&Cs. Donations made directly to NNF will be retained and spent on as much Christmas provision as we can afford or is realistic, or other projects of benefit to the village.

Shouldn’t the council be providing Christmas lights?  

Local authorities across the country have the same problems with the need to make savings to preserve essential services. Whether or not we raise the money ourselves will not affect the council’s position, so we may as well try to provide the lights as they won’t happen otherwise.

Council expenditure on Christmas has been reduced in recent years, and any money that is earmarked for neighbourhood Christmas lights, decorations and events comes from the Neighbourhood Investment Fund (NIF).

This is a pot of £20,000 allocated to each council ward for expenditure on community activities, with the exact decisions on which organisations receive funding, made (subject to certain conditions) by local councillors. Christmas expenditure has to be balanced against other community priorities in the ward over the whole year, and Northenden ward includes Northern Moor and north Benchill as well as Northenden village. Our councillors have allocated £1,000 of NIF money towards Northenden village’s Christmas arrangements this year.

Will there be a Christmas Tree?

Yes, it is planned that there will be one outside Tesco.

Why does it cost so much?

The costs of installing the lighting fixtures on Manchester City Council’s (MCC) lamp post columns, using the council’s electricity supply, are set by the council’s contractor (Amey) as part of its agreement with MCC. We have no control over these costs.

Will I be able to see what the money is spent on?

Yes, a full breakdown of exactly what is purchased, how much it costs and who it has been purchased from or provided by, will be obtainable from NNF.

Why can’t the traders pay? It’s their businesses it’s affecting

We have had pledges of support already from some companies with a presence on our high street, and it is hoped that all Northenden’s traders will want to make some level of donation. Decent contributions from traders are essential to make a success of this project, and NNF will be highlighting where possible those who make substantial donations.

That said, it is a tough time for many retailers and it’s unlikely that we would be able to afford the lights through contributions from shopkeepers alone.

Residents will also benefit from the lights and events and we’re looking to them to contribute too.

So who is asking for this?

The community (residents, shoppers & children) have actually been the ones shouting the loudest. There was disappointment when there were no lights in the village last year, and the tree that was provided was very small. In fact a small group of residents did set up a last-minute crowdfunding effort to try to get something going, but it would have been too late to order any lights according to MCC’s planning timescales.

This year we have a bit more time.  The project is about the well-being of the whole Northenden community, not any particular group. It’s OUR village and we’ll all benefit from enjoying the lights and the festive cheer they’ll provide.

Can anyone donate?

Absolutely! Please spread the word to all who may be interested, including people with Northenden connections past and present.

You don’t have to live in the Village, and you don’t have to be an NNF member to contribute.

Can my donation be anonymous?

Yes this option is available.

I can’t afford to give much. Is it worth it?

Absolutely, yes. If everyone in the Village gives something, however small, we can easily reach our target. It’s all the contributions added together that makes a decent total. We can’t do it with the support of just a few donors, however generous – reaching the target will require a large number of us all to do our bit. 

I’d like to help by volunteering

Your offer is very welcome. NNF is always seeking new people to help with projects to benefit the Village and there are various ways to get involved. Please email northendenneighbourhoodforum@gmail.com or message us via Facebook with more details.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

19 of 100 claimed

£25 Reward

'I helped light up Northenden at Christmas' badge. Letter from Santa.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A thank you for helping to light up Northenden.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Public thanks on the Facebook page for helping to light up Northenden.

£50 or more

1 of 50 claimed

£50 Reward

Children's party ticket - 9 December at Wythenshawe Cricket Club, Longley Lane, Northenden. Children's entertainer, games, food and a visit from Santa.

£100 or more

4 of 30 claimed

£100 Reward

Lucky Dip.... vouchers for meals from local restaurants, and gift vouchers from other local businesses.

£150 or more

1 of 5 claimed

£150 Reward

Everything but the Bird - fresh seasonal veg and accompaniments to feed four, ideal for your Christmas dinner .

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