FestivalBag for Reading Festival 2019

by FestivalBag in Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

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FestivalBag is a hassle-free way of moving equipment to and from a festival to avoid needless landfill waste. LAUNCHING AT READING FESTIVAL.

by FestivalBag in Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

Are you, family or friends going to Reading Festival this year? Then this could be the crowdfunder you’ve been waiting for… #ROCK #REUSE #REWARD #RESEARCH

Own your FestivalBag, all it's contents and included for my £85 pledge is the delivery to and from READING Festival. FestivalBag offers a hassle-free way of moving equipment to and from a festival to avoid needless landfill waste. LAUNCHING AT READING FESTIVAL.


We have all seen the images of devastation left behind after a festival. We passionately feel it is UNACCEPTABLE, the act is irresponsible and not in-keeping with the ethos of a modern festival.

We have held focus groups of festival going campers where 100% of the attendee’s believed any items left on festival fields would be gifted to charity. This, however, is rarely the case and 2 days post festival all items left are needlessly dumped in landfill or incinerated. So putting a figure behind that...

23,000 tonnes of waste is produced by the UK festival industry annually. To put it into perspective that’s about 4,000 times as heavy as an Elephant.

Something has GOT TO CHANGE. Our festival culture is becoming unsustainable.

BUT do not fear, FestivalBag is HERE!


Have you ever been camping at a festival? Well our MD's son Jacob has… and he only made it home with a few pairs of dirty undies, a sleeping bag and a weakened immune system!

There’s got to be a better way of doing this… and so FestivalBag was born.

If Jacob didn’t have to mission all of his kit back post festival and it could have been delivered home he wouldn’t be in this dilemma. BINGO. Let’s just get it picked up and sent back. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

FestivalBag offers a hassle-free way of moving equipment to and from a festival to avoid needless landfill waste.

We are supported by Reading Festival and the sustainability teams of Festival Republic to launch FestivalBag this August 2019. 

This is a really exciting time to get on-board the FestivalBag journey to ROCK, REUSE, REWARD and RESEARCH. We will recap on this in a moment.


As Nick said in our introducer video at the top of the page, he owns a logistics firm called OnLogistics that has been trading for 15 years. We are confident that we can deliver your FestivalBag to and from Reading Festival and then to your home with ease. We have all the relevant insurances, accreditation's and customer service support.

Below is all of the team from FestivalBag HQ. We have a dedicated team of warehouse staff who will make sure all your kit is in top condition before delivery to the festival. We have extremely friendly customer service staff on the end of the phone if you have any questions. We also have a highly qualified accounts and marketing team to support the operation to run smoothly.


We have run focus groups to establish what would be needed in a FestivalBag and if the products and logistical services would be used. Here are a few snippets from attendees.


So here is FestivalBag, items have passed British standards testing and are made to a high quality. We want to ensure you can reuse the kit. 

FestivalBag contains a 

  • Two Person Tent 
  • Sleeping Bag 
  • Pillow (which is the most forgotten item on a camping trip)
  • Chair 
  • Roll Mat 
  • Biodegradable Poncho 
  • Mallet 
  • Biodegradable Rubbish Bag
  • The FestivalBag itself

Please email us if you want to know more about the product sizing and materials.


  • We deliver your FestivalBag directly to Reading Festival.
  • You pick it up, pitch your camp and ROCK.
  • After you’ve enjoyed the Festival, simply throw the kit back into your FestivalBag and take it to a FestivalBag drop off point onsite as you're leaving the festival.
  • We deliver your FestivalBag (with any extra items you have put in) to your door 2-3 days after the festival so you can REUSE the kit.
  • We receive proof that your bag has arrived home and not been left on the field.
  • You will receive an email with instructions as to how you can claim your REWARD for being awesome to the environment. You deserve it!

Have a look at this animation that will explain how it works way better than words could.

See we told you, imagine NOT having to take anything other than clothes to a festival with you and NOT carrying a heavy bag home when you’re in a glass cage of emotion. You could then get public transport home and not worry if you’re sober enough to drive home. You don’t have to worry about ANYTHING other than getting yourself home. We’ve got your back.

So you’re probably wondering what our tagline is all about. ROCK, REUSE, REWARD and RESEARCH.

Well with FestivalBag we deliver the kit to the festival, you pick it up, pitch and go and ROCK out, then you dump the bag with us and we make sure you get the FestivalBag delivered home where you can REUSE your kit, and for being a sustainable festival going legend we issue you with an email to claim your REWARD. At the moment our reward partner is Boohoo.com but this list is set to grow by Reading Festival. Then a percentage of all profit made will be invested in RESEARCH and development.

We also have some golden tickets smuggled into some of our exclusive Reading FestivalBag's. If you're lucky enough to find one just bring the ticket to our FestivalBag HQ and we will give you £205 cold hard cash. That's the equivalent of getting your Reading Festival camping ticket FOR FREE... you're welcome.

We are not a company to stand still, we want to be built to last. We want to know how to create products that reflect long-lasting design, like turning a disused FestivalBag tent into a FestivalBag poncho. We want to know how to maintain, repair, reuse, refurbish, and recycle our products to the best sustainable end.

Everything you need for Reading Festival £100 all in one. Job done! UNLESS YOU’RE PART OF THE CROWDFUNDER MASSIVE!????


We are so excited to offer 500 limited edition Reading FestivalBag’s with THE FIRST 500 AT £85, a 15% saving off RRP. A FestivalBag with full logistical support normally sells for £100. We can pinky promise you this offer will never EVER be repeated.

Think that’s some extra cash for beer and a super easy, guilt free festival experience.

You will also become part of the Reading Festival 500. Which means you get an exclusive invite to FestivalBag’s beer o’clock bonanza (but we can’t say any more until you’re in the tribe) and when you drop your FestivalBag back to us you will give you a coffee voucher for your trek home.

Be part of the Reading Festival 500 tribe, be part of a festival revolution, be part of something brilliant.

  • Join us to fulfil FestivalBag’s mission to make life easier for festival campers and avoid needless landfill waste.
  • Join us for the limited edition FestivalBag crowdfunder offer exclusively for the Reading festival launch this August 2019.
  • Join us and be a festival legend, sustainable pioneer.

A FestivlaBag is for life not just the summer. #LoveYourFestivalBag #DontLeaveYourRedForDead

OTHER FESTIVALS… If your names not on the list…

If you’re going to a festival that isn’t Reading Festival but you want a FestivalBag in your life, please sign our petition to the festival now.



FestivalBag is needed and will benefit not only lazy gits like Jacob but also the sustainability of festival culture and heck, this entire planet. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read what we are doing. We hope you feel the need to get involved and be part of the exclusive Reading Festival 500 tribe. See you at Reading Festival.

It would be ace if you could share this link with anyone you feel might be worthy - family, friends and social media. Thanks for being a good egg.

-Nick, Jacob and the FestivalBag team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£85 or more

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£85 Reward

Wouldn't it be great to not go to the shops to get all your kit? Not have to lug your equipment to and from the festival? We can make that dream a reality. For just £85 you can collect your BRAND NEW FestivalBag at Reading festival from FestivalBag HQ and drop it back at the end of the festival to get delivered back to you. You get all the kit: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, chair, mallet, poncho, roll mat, rubbish bag and FestivalBag itself.

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