Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution - FWRD

Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution - FWRD

Every year thousands upon thousands of tons of waste is created at U.K festivals, most of which will go to landfill or into an...

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On 13th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £85 with 11 supporters in 56 days

Every year thousands upon thousands of tons of waste is created at U.K festivals, most of which will go to landfill or into an insinerator and the majority of this waste is perfectly usable equpment, shelter, bedding, food and clothing. In the picture above shows you around an 8th of just one of six camping fields at one festival after all of the punters had left this summer. So times that by 48 and you have a rough estimation of the sheer amount of waste left behind after just one weekend. This is happeneing everywhere all summer long throughout the U.K.

Our aim is to work alongside the waste management companies at various festivals as a salvage team to collect anything that could go to good use for people who really need it. This year 4 of us started collecting tents, tarps and bedding in our own time for refugees in Calais. Next year we would like to think we could go in with a team of 15 - 30 people, hopefully more. This could provide warmth, shelter and food for 2000-4000 people at every event that we do.

The money we raise will go towards storage, transportation, staffing and insurance, so the more we can raise the more we can reduce this waste and help people who could really do with a hand. It is a costly thing to do, but we want to hit this on a grand scale and if we reach our target, or even just 3000 it should average out that for every pound or two pledged that we can provide somebody with necissities to survive whilst helping keep this planet clean.

Our basic costs will include:

·Insurance 400-500GBP annually

·Storage unit 1000GBP annually

·Staffing roughly 200GBP per person per event

·Transport up to 400GBP per event (depending on location)


We will not advertise that we are doing this at festivals because the last thing we want is for people think that it is acceptable to leave things behind. Festival goers seem to assume that if they leave things behind it will go to a good cause, this is not at all true. There are salvage teams out there, but non that really make a dent and a lot of it is for self gain or profit. Working along side the companies that deal with ths waste, we really think that we can make a difference. If you could help us make a difference to peoples lives and the impact that this has on the enviroment, it would be forever appreciated.

If you have any ideas or information that you think could help us please let us know at festivalwastesalvage@hotmail.com


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