Festival of Choice 2016

Another year, another Festival of Choice creating the best space of pro-choice and feminist solidarity in London.

We did it!

On 5th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £670 of £500 target with 22 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Wow, thanks! With this extra money we will be able to support Abortion Support Network, an all-volunteer organization that provides accommodation and financial assistance for women living in Ireland (Northern and Republic of) who are travelling to England for an abortion. 


We believe that access to abortion should be a right and not a privilege. Do you agree with us? If you do, please help us to bring the Festival of Choice 2016 to life! 

On Sunday 2nd of October 2016, we will continue raising awareness of threats to reproductive rights and the need for universal access to safe and legal abortion. The Festival will also celebrate intersectional solidarity and will strengthen and support the pro-choice message, locally and globally. We will release the programme for the day soon, but expect amazing organizations and groups showing  feminist and pro-choice activism!  

But to do so, we need your contributions! Please, consider donating to the Festival and Choice and help us to continue organizing this crucial event in London. 

Which are the perks of being a supporter? 

Depending on the quantity of your donation, we have prepared some creative merch for you to take home!

  • Postcards: made by Marga RH., a great Chilean illustrator and pro-choice campaigner. Aren't they great?

  • Zine: get a copy of the Festival's exclusive zine! 

  • Tote bag: screen-printed with the Festival's logo! (cat not included)

  • T-shirt: screen-printed and with our logo as well! :)

What happens if we don't use all the money raised?

That's a good question! And we actually have a very good answer: we plan to donate it to Abortion Support Network, an amazing all-volunteer organization that provides accommodation and financial assistance for women living in Ireland/Northern who are travelling to England for an abortion.

Do you any question regarding your donation? Don't hesitate to contact us at festivalofchoice@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you! 

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