Feminist Fusion

Fundraising to keep up and running Feminist Fusion , a Plymouth community arts project where art is combined with public dialogue.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £500 with 11 supporters in 28 days

FEMINIST FUSION - The Crowdfunding!

Help us to keep a space for community and arts alive!

This fundraising is to keep up and running Feminist Fusion - a Plymouth community arts event where art is combined with public dialogue about feminism and patriarchy.

Feminist Fusion started as a spontaneous non-for-profit arts project organised by a local artist. Every session includes between 3 and 5 relatively short acts; some of them artistic (music, theatre, poetry, visual, etc) and other philosophical or political (talks, quizzes, discussions, etc) In a year and half the event has hosted 28 local artists, 5 speakers, 6 public discussions, 1 quiz and 1 participatory collage, all related to gender equality and the social engagement of the arts. The project has developed naturally as a space where female artists, LGBT people, and women and men in general can feel safe to explore their creativity while learning how to counteract patriarchal oppression.

There's also time for local announcements and a table for information flyers on events, groups, etc. It has been running bi-monthly in any community space available in Plymouth.                                            The event is open to everyone but focusses on supporting women's arts specifically, to counterbalance the lack of representation of women's way to make art and presenting it in a male-dominated society. However there is also a session showcasing anti-patriarchal male artists.

About this crowdfunding

Feminist Fusion started with the sponsorship of a kind donor but after a year and half the costs are starting to accumulate. Because this is a project that has already begun, grant applications are a more difficult source of funds, so we need your support to keep the Fusion alive and moving forward.

The funds will be used to cover:

- Expenses and a basic fee for guest artists, facilitators and/or speakers - many of them are single mothers or women on low incomes.

- Printing material for every session - this includes publicity posters and flyers, educational leaflets on relevant issues and stationery.

- To pay for venues and technicalities (PA, lighting, etc) whenever needed. At the moment we use regularly the cellar of a local pub but we depend on their availability and ideally we would like to make the sessions more accessible to people with dissabilites and young people.

Please consider donating to the project. You will not regret it!





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