Feminist Fusion crowdfunder 2018

by feminist fusion in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th July 2018 we successfully raised £720 with 23 supporters in 28 days

Fundraising to continue up and running Feminist Fusion, a unique community arts project in Plymouth.

by feminist fusion in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

FEMINIST FUSION - Crowdfunding #2!

Help us to keep a space for community and arts :)

Welcome to our second fundraising to keep Feminist Fusion up and running. We have great rewards courtesy of our beautiful local artists!

About the project

Feminist Fusion is a non-for-profit arts project in Plymout UK, completely self-funded, in its third year, where art is combined with public dialogue  about feminism and other social issues.

Every session includes various artistic slots (music, theatre, poetry,  visual) and other philosophical or political slots (talks, quizzes,  discussions). There's also a seasonal participatory arts & crafts project and a table for educational flyers on social topics, events, groups, etc. We also organised our first Live Chat last year. The event is open to everyone  but focuses on supporting women's arts specifically, to counterbalance  the lack of representation of womens' way to make art and presenting it  in a male-dominated society.

In the development of this project we all have  learned together so much about local art, social justice, feminism and witnessed how through words, images and body work, women speak a different language and have a different way of experience society that needs to be shared. Hand in hand with that, there's been also learning more about the creativity and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community, and everyone affected by the patriarchal mentality.

These last 3 years have been a powerful journey, with a constant strong positive feedback from women and men attending the sessions. That has been very refreshing and the fuel that has allowed it to carry on to this day.

About the crowdfunding

We are slowly started to seeing more and more female performers in  Plymouth and awareness about equality. That is great and vital but there's much more to be done. If we believe  in culture, women have to be in our platforms, as well as the LGBTQ+  community, and people with different abilities. And we need more public dialogue. With your donations you can make sure this space remains open to everyone.

The donations will be used to cover:

- Expenses or a basic fee for guest artists, facilitators and speakers.

- Printing material for every session - this includes publicity  posters and flyers, educational leaflets on relevant issues.

- Arts & crafts materials and stationary.

- Technicalities (PA, lighting, etc) and venues whenever needed. At the moment we use regularly the cellar of a generous local pub but we  depend on their availability and ideally we would like to make the  sessions more accessible to people with disabilites and young people.

THANK YOU for any donation you can give to support this project, so we can keep contributing to Plymouth with this space.

We all deserve to feel safe. We all deserve a community that is loving; rational but also intuitive, practical and spiritual, and very,  very creative, to face and build the future we all deserve. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Thanks on Facebook

We will thank you with your name on Feminist Fusion facebook page.

£5 or more

Feminist Fusion Bookmarks

You will receive two bookmarks on recycled paper with an original Feminist Fusion design.

£10 or more

Postcard and Bookmark

You will receive 1 postcard and 2 bookmarks with an original Feminist Fusion design.

£15 or more

Bag, postcard and bookmark!

You will receive 1 postcard, 1 bookmark and 1 bag on recycled/organic material, with a Feminist Fusion design

£20 or more

An original print

You will get a limited edition of a print by a local feminist artist!

£30 or more

One piano lesson!

You will receive one piano lesson in your own home!

£50 or more

One art workshop

You will receive one hour of art workshop in your own home, with materials included! For one kid or one adult.

£125 or more

An original drawing

You will receive one original drawing made by a local feminist artist!

£150 or more

Live music at your home!

You will receive one hour of live music by local musicians in the comfort of your own house!

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