Female Artist First Abstract Exhibition In London

by Samin Ghiasi in London, England, United Kingdom


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To organise an exhibition, and/or sell my work on the Shoreditch Art Market. 10% will be given to environmental charity "Climate Coalition".

by Samin Ghiasi in London, England, United Kingdom


Hi everyone

My name is Samin Ghiasi, I’m from Tehran, Iran. I’m 32 years old female visual artist, and I grew up in Paris. I’m currently based in London, I know it’s perhaps a lot, but next I’m planning to move to Amsterdam in a couple of years.

Scorpio, 2019

I’m a professional photographer who works mainly in the UK for almost 10 years, and also Europe. I work remotely as well as I do lots editing/retouching and art direction for other creative clients, and artists. To see my work, click here.

Nicola Samorì, Italy 


I have been starting to paint and draw again after a surgery I had last year September 2018, it prevented me from moving for 3 months. I needed to play with colours to make me feel happy and less lonely, and that’s what made me start this not so new, but new adventure which is drawing and painting again. Mainly using different type of tools than my camera or my computer screen. And don’t worry I’m all good now, my health is back. 

I was very grateful to see that people around me really enjoyed the work that I was doing. Less of a "work" perhaps because I really really do love what I do, and I want to make people happy.

Last year I managed to paint the first 5 paintings within 2 weeks just for fun, and surprisingly sold one straight away on LinkedIn while I was just showing my work to colleagues. It was surprising as this platform would be the last place I thought to reach anybody in term of selling physical art like canvases. But I’m glad I share what I was up to, you just never know! 


It was a magical moment - It gave me confidence to pursue on the side this little experimentation of mine. Fast forward now, almost a year anniversary, I had completed already a couple of sales, but I would like to organise either an exhibition or sale them on Shoreditch Art Market in East London. It's all a bit pricey to put your work up there, and I need help.

I haven’t produced much paintings for sales, as I’m trying to be quite picky and only keep the ones that I see fit for sale but also fit to be in my own house. And as all artists know this, some of your work could end up becoming your own babies, and I'm not any different. As of now there is just one of them that I love so much, and I’m not quite sure how to let it go. Let’s see (haha).

Organising an event like this is a bit symbolic for me as I have decided to switch things around and move forward with water colour work next, as botany as the main subject of study. I love nature, it came to me, I couldn't chose any other thing.

But it would be also a nice way to say farewell to this project, and invite local people in East London, or anyone interested in visual art to celebrate and see the work live. I would additionally if possible invite musician friends to keep the crowd reunited, as I always work with music, this would make so much sense for the viewers too. And to promote other artists I do believe in. (Depends of course how much we manage to raise here, I'm being really positive)

Fluid art in general create some waste and I wanted to reduce that. I have ecology very close to my heart and I took a long break before making this decision. I wanted my life, work and values to align as much as possible. So what I create or communicate could also have a chance to be as honest as possible with the way I do want to live my life. 

So far this is the plan, and these might be the last work of this type from me. Also on each sale I have decided that I would like to donate 10% to climate collision which is an environmental charity. And the rest would be toward either buying more equipment for water colour work, or trips that I have to make to get into the wild, and get all the inspirations necessary nature has to offer and bring them back to a form of education for whoever is curious to learn something new that our beautiful planet has to offer.

Thank you for reading, sharing and/or supporting the project,



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