Feet Warmer!

Feet Warmer!

 Hello to all! Help me keep Beth's feet warm?

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Hello to all..

 My name is Sam Davies and I lost everything 12 months ago.. Wife, home, business, car.. The lot! Any ways.. My sister took me in when I moved back to London even though we hadn't talked for five years.. She took me in without question with just a knock at the door and supported me for six months until I was able to find work and move on. 

 I show my gratitude with my united sister now for helping me unconditionally in my darkest hour by appreciating every moment I'm in her families life.. Beth has four children!

 I guess I'm asking for your help to show my appreciation for her further by possibly clumping together to buy carpets for her one bedroom flats hallway and living room as now it's just bare concrete!

I'm sure the neighbours would appreciate the secondary sound insulation benefit too! Ha! Obviously the primary benefit is the texture and warmth and comfort under my sisters and her children's feet..

Fully appreciate any help guys :)

first time poster.

Sam Davies