Fees to take media company to small claims court

Fees to take media company to small claims court

I need to be able to cover the court fees, in order to claim the money to repair our lounge after a botched TV installation

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In September 2015, a certain media company came to install our TV and broadband services. 

The visit ended up with the engineer drilling through our heating pipes depositing a large volume of water under our floor. Although the next day they did arrange a plumber to repair the pipe and we were promised that everything would be put right, the big hole left in our wall has not been repaired.

I need to take them to small claims court to ask for the money to a. repair the wall, b. redecorate the walls, c. replace the floor as their is potential for rot.

Although we have tried working with them, they have done nothing to recitfy the situation.

My final hope is to claim the money to get the work done ourselves through the small cliams court, however the cost for this is £455

I currently have 2 children, my wife was made redundant and although Im confident of winning after seeking some free legal advice, I cannot afford the court fees so am currently in a no win  position.