Fees to look after Buddy

Fees to look after Buddy

Have Buddy in a happy loving home until we are able to take care of him again

We did it!

On 7th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £355 with 16 supporters in 56 days

We set up this Crowdfunder pledge for Buddy

We are proud people and asking for help has not come easy, but we have had to swallow our pride for the sake of our beautiful boy

We found him in a box in Ialysoss with his 2 Sisters when he was approx 6 weeks old

He had little pink feet and we fell in love immediatley 

He has big brown eyes and a heart shaped patch on his side

He is now 3 years old and his favourite place is the beach

He loves to play with his frisbee especially when its thrown into the sea where his webbed feet come in handy for swimming

His other game is digging stones from the sand, he digs down, flips them up with his nose and barks at them all to the amusment of the locals and tourists alike

He eats dried food with a little tinned meat added and if he hasnt had his dinner by 7pm he starts telling us

He also loves people food and doggy biscuits

He brightens our days with his funny little ways and big brown eyes

We dont want to leave him, but due to the economic crisis in Greece my husband has lost 2 jobs in 12 months

We cant afford to pay our mortgage, bills and day to day shopping

He has been offered work in Spain for the winter months and if we could take him with us we would in a heartbeat. sadly this is not an option

We have searched for a carer to look after him and love whilst we are away as we dont want to lose him

We have found kennels that will take him for 4 months at a total cost of 1200

We dont have any money beyond paying for his food

Please help us care for Buddy

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