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To create a service aimed at delivering fresh and tasty smoothies & salads to remote offices, workplaces and homes across London.

by Christina Hoyte in London, England, United Kingdom

The Problem with London

As someone that was born and raised in London, I noticed the lack of local fresh affordable and nutritious foods options. Especially for working professionals and parents too busy to prepare healthy foods within budget.

We are often forced to leave the home/workplace to look for lunch option only to spend ridiculous amounts of money each day.

I come out of the gym everyday only to be surrounded by unhealthy expensive food stores.

Our aim

The aim of Feel Fresh Food is kickstart a healthier nation by creating tasty and nutritious smoothies and salads, especially for people on the go!

People are going to love it!

People lately have been increasingly shifting their tastes to fresh food that they see as healthier.

Not only will our smoothies be tasty but they'll be packed with veggies, fruits and super super foods. Creating an amazing kickstart for anyone looking to transform their life!

Looking to the future

Our plans for future are huge! Moving on from the initial workplace/home lunch delivery options, we also want to expand by offering:

  • A local fresh salad and smoothie bar - creating made to order organic, fresh and healthy salads and smoothies in places people actually need them!
  • We also will be creating an at home smoothie kit, so customers can create their favourite nutrition packed smoothie at home. These kits are flash frozen at the time of picking so it's as if they were fresh!
  • We will be creating a health and wellness blog to go alongside the Fresh food delivery, so we can reach more people and encourage them to kickstart their own healthy lifestyle!

There is no stopping us, we know this can help so many people out there and are determined to make this work.

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