Feeding The Elderly

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Feeding The Elderly
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

6/10 Elderly go hungry, this has to stop. We provide fresh cooked meals so they no longer feel they have to pick between heating or eating

by Ahmed in

We will be offering fresh home cooked meals to the elderly and while we do this we will also make available to them any help they may need wether its a helping hand around their home as well as getting them to places if they do not have the means to.

Why we have chose to do this is due to personal experience seeing the struggles the elderly community have, I had an elderly gentleman who lived next door to me and after some time i noticed he never had any visitors and never saw him leave his home so I took it upon myself to see if everything was ok.

I was greeted so lovely and invited in for a cup of tea which i offered to make as he seemed to struggle he then told me how he fought in the war and no family or friends left, from that moment on I made it my business to do anything I could from cleaning, cooking him meals, taking him shops and any appointments he had. This went on for about 8 months until sadly he passed away while I was away and I new he would not be the only person like this.

So our aim is to feed as many people that need it, we have already done so well and would like to spread this wider and with your help we could do that. Anything that is given is appreciated much not just by us but by everyone we help.

Let's make 'Feeding The Elderly' happen