Lets help our pets stay with us Longer

by Carla in London, England, United Kingdom

Lets help our pets stay with us Longer


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Nutritious / healthy / home cooked dog foods bespoke to you're pets health and wellness requirements delivered to you're door x

by Carla in London, England, United Kingdom

HI All , 

So I wanted to start this crowd fund because I know how many of you guys out there love you're pets as much as I do . I have three dogs and until late last year I had four . Our big soft lad Caesar lost his battle after his oesophagus failed him and he was no longer able to eat and keep the food down , he contracted bronchitis because he was being sick all the time and inhaling the water back into his lungs and because of this he was too unwell to carry on and in alot of pain . So we made the heart wrenching decision to say Goodbye and one morning we called the vets and told them it was time . 

I remember the whole family standing at the door hugging him and saying goodbye knowing that he would never be coming back and as I remember this horrible time I am literally sitting here in floods of tears .. He would probably think I was a daft woman ... 

We are now left with the three musketeers a rottweiller mix Shyla, a chihuahua Nino and my old lad who unfortunately we now think has cancer Nibbles Patch 

NOW the reason I am here .... So after always feeding the dogs tinned food and not thinking much of it , I started to think maybe it was time for change after losing my big lad .. The one day I bought another tin of food from a large chain supermarket , only to open it and flies literally flew out from the sealed tin and there were maggots inside .. Well that was it ! . In the bin that went and from that day forward I have been cooking for my dogs daily . One of our dogs was a rescue , never able to gain weight from her poor start in life , as soon as I switched her diet withing 3 weeks she is gaining and keeping on good solid weight gain its amazing . 

I spend alot of time researching and sourcing good nutritional healthy options for dogs that needs to gain weight , lose weight , more proteins or minerals , dogs with health issues and more . I love every moment of it and now I want to share that passion with dog owners out there . I have lots of recipes and options for customers to choose from , a solid easy way to deliver the food / package it / prepare it and store it for our clients that want to start choosing better options that dog food which lets be honest is awful for our pets .  

I am seeking to raise some funds to get things off the ground , so far I can only manage to do things slowly and this cash injection will allow me to focus my time and energy on getting the products out to the clients and fulfilling the demand . My aim is to offer a home cooked , bespoke dog food option , factoring in the dogs health and wellness requirements and producing tasty , nutritious fresh food delivered straight to you're door. 

THANKYOUUUUU for reading sorry for waffling on but the back story is what led me here .. This one is for you my big lad Caesar together we will get our pets living longer , stronger and healthier lives so we can enjoy then being in our life for longer x  

Let's make 'Lets help our pets stay with us Longer' happen