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Feeding Humanity


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Help those with disabilities, homeless, and vulnerable community members gain access to basic food and necessities.

by Orphelina Soutra Ni Djiguiya in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

1598285031_img_0034.jpgIt is essential that we adapt the way we provide support for both our members and the vulnerable and homeless in the local community quickly and effectively, both by distributing food parcels and providing basic necessities packages. Those that normally benefit from our services at Orphelina Soutra Ni Diguiya facilities, where they would get a nourishing meal, whilst interacting with an excellent and experienced support network. By arranging parcels of food and supplies and visiting in person, we can not only ensure the users have nourishing meals but, equally importantly, we can use the opportunity to check their mental and physical wellbeing. The parcels would be made up of food donated by supermarkets and fresh meat and dairy and will also contain essential supplies such as toiletries.

We are able to provide our services in a safe manner using social distancing and masks during collection, delivery, and visits. Orphelina Soutra Ni Diguiya has a good track record in managing projects and individuals capable of making this happen. To date, we have been delivering on a limited scale and have also been feeding the homeless and other vulnerable groups who have experienced long delays in receiving food from official sources.  However, the charity’s reserves have now been exhausted. To overcome this, Orphelina Soutra Ni Diguiya aims to provide a door-to-door van service.  This will give members the confidence to return to Orphelina Soutra Ni Diguiya activities and their familiar community in the knowledge they are safe and secure and can avoid the stress of using public transport.


How is the money being spent?

To provide quality food parcels (a typical parcel would contain fresh meat and dairy products combined with food donations from local shops and supermarkets - pasta, tinned food etc

Essential fuel, PPE and admin costs

Purchase a Van 

Our project aims to rent shop space in the city arcade as a hub to bring together multicultural craftspeople, designers, artists, and performers building on the success of shopfront Theatre in City Arcade Coventry. We will employ a sessional coordinator, supported by sessional workshop leaders to run a program of activity in our shop. The Coordinator will recruit a team of 8-16 volunteers from Coventry's BAME communities to support the development and delivery of the program. The volunteers will create cultural displays in our shop window which reflect the different cultures of Coventry and their cultural traditions. This will be a changing display over the year and we hope will educate and inform, raising the cultural awareness of passersby and challenging and changing people's perspective. Within the shop, we will allocate sales space to support artists from the BAME community to get their products whether sand art, jewelry, masks, or clothing to a wider audience. Some of these products will be produced live on-site during masterclasses and workshop sessions which will give customers and members of the public more of a chance to understand the production process. Artists will reach new audiences and hopefully, we will develop the market for the products and services. Refreshments will be prepared from food waste donated by local supermarkets combined with traditional cultural cuisine, To attract people to our provision we will provide music, spoken word and dance performances in front of our premises reflective of the cultures we are producing. Our aim is also to organize a fashion show, showcasing the cultural clothing donated to our store reimagined by volunteers to reflect both Coventry's cultural past and themes of the City of Culture. The workshop sessions we run will provide the public with the chance to try and experience different cultural art forms, fashion, and to learn from traditional stories told by storytellers from our communities. The aim is to provide a regular self-sustaining presence within the City's shopping space which supports emerging artists and brings them into contact with the wider community on a regular basis.

Let's make 'Feeding Humanity' happen

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