Feeding Hope In Hope Cafe Athens Greece

by Hope Cafe Athens in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

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Can you imagine escaping your country,traumatized, having door after door closed in your face, not able to provide food for your babies ?

by Hope Cafe Athens in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

I believe no human should be hungry . 

I have been working with refugees and migrants as a volunteer for many years.

Families seeking asylum who have been rejected are possibly at the highest level of vulnerability possible. They are cut out of a system and offered no support from the state . They simply have no options . Lawyers are expensive and legal aid is not available.

Once receiving a second rejection families and individuals are no longer eligible for support from the Greek or UNHCR system. 

Not only are they often homeless without food but they have lost hope of ever having a normal life again. Its vital that we feed these families, often with children and grandparents relying on them for every basic necessity. 

Its possible to supply an average sized family for 40 Euros a week with the most basic essentials like carbohydrates, proteins and fresh vegetables. We also supply all their hygiene needs like soap , shampoo and pampers. These families need to ask for everything they could possibly need especially if they have been sent from a hot spot island without establishing a place to stay. 

Athens has become entrenched with homeless and penniless families looking desperately  for a way to survive. 

We believe that rather than handing out food packs as and when they are available,  making a commitment to them and supplying food for a three month period gives them food stability and enables them to focus on the important matters that affect the rest of their lives. 

Finding Legal support is their priority and is in urgent need with the numbers of people we are talking about .Lawyers are in short demand and the waiting period is often months . Since the pandemic began we have families with us for longer than year. We witness this support and the impact it has is huge. 

Help us Feed Hope in Athens. 

#leavenoonebehind #nomanshouldbehungry #feedinghope #hopecafeathens

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