Feed Venezuela
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To feed, educate and improve the lives of the Venezuelan people!

by Barry Juriansz in Stanmore, England, United Kingdom

Donation Update

Thank you for all you're support and donations towards "feed Venezuela".

The current deadline is 20th October 3pm.

I am writing to notify all supporters that the project is set up as "all or nothing", so in other words, we need to raise the full amount of £1,500 by the 20th October (tomorrow) or we lose the 24% of donations raised so far to date.

I have asked crowdfunder to change the settings to "keep funds raised". This option will allow feed Venezuela to keep the 24% of donations raised to date.

Hope you all understand and have no objections to what I have requested from Crowdfunfer.


Barry Juriansz

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