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To feed, educate and improve the lives of the Venezuelan people!

by Barry Juriansz in Stanmore, England, United Kingdom

Last year I traveled to Venezuela for pleasure, but had no idea what the trip would eventually become. I met two chaps called Gerardo And Nestor. They wanted to take me to a favela in Valencia, but my Venezuelan friends had previously warned me of the taboos of these shanty areas and how dangerous they can be. However, Gerardo's and Nestor's humbleness, compassion and honesty was very inspiring and lead me to want to venture into an area of true poverty to see how we could be of help. On arrival, my doubts were put to rest. The people were extremely friendly and loving. This inspired me to help and we fed 100 people in the shanty communities for no more than $40. This is the equivalent of 40 cent a meal. With your help, we can destroy starvation in Venezuela and be of constant help to the communities that deserve more. In Venezuela, 80% of the population are in poverty. Even those with an income have to, on average, queue for 30 hours per month to purchase their food. The local currency has been seriously damaged and as a result, consumer prices in Venezuela have increased by 800% a year. If we are able to raise the targeted money, then we aim to send a 20ft container every 2-3 months from the U.K, with plenty of good nutritious food for these loving people. On average we spend over $40 a week on a food shop, so if this amount can feed over 100 starving people, just think of the amount we can do to help.

Today I am a team of ONE!

My vision is to raise as much money on a quarterly basis and purchase food in bulk at a discounted rate.

A few of my closes friends have links within the local communities and have access to the renowned BARRIOS!!!! (Favelas / Shanties)

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