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Help us to get vital food and supplies to those in poverty or isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic!

by Dave Gordon in Salford, England, United Kingdom

Who are we? Why bore you with talk when Debra can tell you a story? (one of very many)

I was lost when COVID hit, just when I was finally supposed to start a new job after months of looking.

Then one day it all collapsed and I can't describe the emotional drain and trauma of the prospect of having to go through job hunting again. I could not face the pain of being at home with an empty kitchen and two hungry children.

It must have been some type of depression, total numbness and walking around like a zomby in a state of disbelief and despair.

Out of the blue, I got a call asking if I needed help. Apparently, a friend of mine had sent my name and number to this organisation. Although against my nature, my children’s hunger convinced me to accept foodbank help and so I booked a private confidential appointment.

After filling out a brief form, I was led into a room and told to take whatever I need. At first I couldn’t fathom what exactly I was allowed. Which items? How much of each? 

As if in a trance, the magic words were repeated: ‘Please take whatever you need.’

Suppressing my hesitancy, I kept my mind focused on the children until my car was full. I restocked my entire house from precious toilet paper and nappies to chicken, meat fish, oil flour and even treats that the kids surely deserved. 

When we got home there was a celebration for the first time in months. We felt like royalty! And even more, we felt like someone cared. 

We're a dedicated food and clothes bank run by volunteers and with little overheads. All funds go to provide essential food to those of all ages. Poverty can strick anyone. We'll do our best to find each person and offer help.

Let's make 'Help!' happen

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