Feed Sausage

Feed Sausage

We would like to raise funds to give this lovely poor pony the treatment he deserves.

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £240 with 7 supporters in 28 days

My husband and I live in a little village in Hungary. We moved here just over a year ago with the aim to be as self sufficient as possible, to learn how to work the land and to be more environmentally aware.

We have survived financially on very little, and are lucky not to have bills like we did while living back in England (we use solar, collect rain water and heat the house with a wood burning stove).

We sell bits and pieces of our artisan crafts, teas and grape seed powder and this sees us through each month. We also have much lower grocery bills as we grow all our own fruits and vegetables.

We have chicken, ducks and geese for eggs and meat and goats for milk. All these animals are in fact vital for our way of life. Even our faithful dog helps with rounding them up so she pays her keep.

A pony however does not (well, not a weak, poorly treated one)...

While with our neighbours we heard of a little stallion that was for sale, and even though we knew it was not on the list of things we needed I had a feeling that we had to see him. Something just didn't feel right about it.

When we got to the house that he was kept at my heart broke. The poor little boys ribs were showing, he had no muscles, overgrown hooves and was just so lethargic. Not what you expect to see in a 2 and half year old pony. Even though I knew it was going to seriously complicate things I also knew we could not leave him there.

So we handed over our money and brought him home. Luckily for us we have animal houses set up and have lots of grazing land available. And boy did he graze! Gobble in fact. I doubt he had seen food like that in days. The next morning he was bounding around the field with joy.

But then the reality of what was ahead hit me. I want him to have the best possible life but have no way to pay a farrier every few months, take him to an equine vet for a full check up, give him all the vaccinations that he has never recieved, microchip, get paperwork, give him a larger stable.....the list goes on and on.

This is where I would love some help and in return you can come and stay with us on the farm, meet the lovely chap, learn more about our way of living and hopefully see what a difference you have made.

With your pledge we plan to give him the best possible vet and farrier treatment, build a lovely new stable for him, get him the medicine that he desperately needs, and if there are a few pennies left even build a little cart and plough so that when he is big and strong he can help us around the land. Lastly we need to buy fencing so we can giving access to the top part of the land where he can run around freely and graze to his hearts content! We will do all the labour ourselves but all the panel cost quite a bit over here.

Please help this lovely lad get the life he truely deserves!!

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