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To reduce food poverty and hunger in the UK by helping the homeless and the vulnerable with free meals.

by Stanny Davis in London, England, United Kingdom

Feed Everyone

Homelessness globally is on the rise. The increased presence of food banks in developed nations is an indication that people are struggling to find enough food for themselves and their families. 


Food is one of the essential elements for survival in life; yet not every human is not guaranteed to receive a hot meal on a daily basis. Did you know, that according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, one-third of the total food produced in the world is wasted or is lost?

It has also been revealed that 40 per cent of the food produced in the US each year is left to either rot in the field or ends in a landfill.

On the other hand, 795 million people across the world do not have sufficient food to live a healthy lifestyle. This means that every 1 in 9 people on the earth does not have enough food.  The proportion of people staying hungry is higher in developing countries. Approximately 12.9% of the population in these countries is undernourished. 42 million people in America face hunger each day? These statistics are quite alarming.

The irony is, there is both food waste and a food shortage situation. Apart from health and lifestyle concerns, wastage of food also contributes to climate change and unnecessary carbon emissions.


It has become critical to implement food recovery solutions to tackle this situation. With these solutions, it is possible to donate 1.8 billion meals to hungry people each year. We need to come together to create a Zero Hunger world! To achieve zero hunger, it is important to reduce food loss and ensure that extra food reaches hungry, needy people. For the staggering more than 820 million people who are hungry, food is not a guarantee.

Instead of being thrown out, leftover food can be donated through food recovery programs to shelters serving those in need. People can come together with their excess food and distribute it among the needy people the same day. You can also talk to the local restaurants and fresh produce stores to donate food they cannot use. Go Dharmic Food Distribution projects aim to achieve the following on a weekly basis.

Our Projects

We believe that no one should go hungry and are working really hard to end food poverty in the UK. We currently distribute meals and food packets to the homeless and vulnerable across the UK at 4 locations - Luton town centre, Agar Street London, Stockwood park academy Luton, and George square Glasgow. On average we distribute over 2000 meals a week. During the Coronavirus lockdown, we accelerated our efforts as many people needed our services including the elderly, homeless, shelters, hospitals etc. We distributed over 380,000 meals in the UK alone and over 2 million meals globally.

Let's make 'Feed Everyone' happen

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