Feed a begger

Feed a begger

"Feed this Begger" an app idea which can help billions of beggers in india to be offered left over food from families around them need funds

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

India have have millions of beggers in the streets begging for food and money every second. They need food to fill thier stomach and for that they sit on streets begging every one day and night under 50 degrees hot summer and -10 degress cold winter a part from heavy rains. Millions sleep on roads with out eating food with empty stomach.

In parallel India have billion families eating food every day and out of them atleast half of them cook and buy more than required. They throw this food in bin the delicous cooked food with no idea what to do with it.

Banana Apps - Trade mark of Sriram Angajala Limited, UK based company planning to develop and launch a Mobile app in iOS and Android asap to FEED HUNGRY BEGGERS while making use of remaining food in families as discussed above


Release a Mobile app which does below

1. Any one can download app for free

2. Person holding smart phone have to install the app and login.

3. He while walking on the streets/driving if found any begger looking for food or help. They will stop and open the app

4. Enable his GPS service

5. Create a "Feed this Begger" post on the app

6. He shares his location

7. Enters more details about the begger just to let others know about the post. Details including any allergies that begger have and health specific food he should not eat(for example - No meat as his health need only light food). Also user can specify the number of beggers at that place if there are more than one.

8. Take a photo of begger and land mark if required so that others can easily find the begger

9. Then creates the post with Location, Details and Photo(optional) and post in this app

10. The post will be posted to other users who installs the same app around the location of begger

11. Other users will be notified about the post based on thier current location

12. All the users closer to the begger will be notified  about "Feed this Begger" information

13. Out of them if any of the family have the food left can repost that he is ready to offer and bring the food and feed the begger based on the details posted by the first person

14. He replys to the post and the post will be locked.

15. The person who responds will check if the food will be enough for number of people required.

16. If he can feed only few the post will be opened for others to add more food

17. As the person who is about to feed be begger know the location and details about the begger he can easily find the begger and "FEED THE BEGGER". Mission accomplished

18. He then updates that the job is done and will uploaded more details and pictures and describe the situation. This will motivate other to join.

19. The person who feeds most beggers in a month will be awarded in the app with vouchers. Similary yearly winner in that location will be awared in large scale

20. By this we can "feed this begger" and let his sleep stomach full

21. The services can be extended for supplying bedsheets etc later.

They are lot of things which will worked in more detail like privacy, misusage of the app and other things which should not come in middle of the motivation behind the app.