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by julia.midtgard in Glasgow

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Fear No Colours Theatre are bringing Cleansed and Phaedra's Love by Sarah Kane to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and we need your help

by julia.midtgard in Glasgow

Project aim

Fear No Colours Theatre are bringing Cleansed and Phaedra's Love by Sarah Kane to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and we need your help


About the project


Fear No Colours is a young and dedicated theatre company based in Glasgow, Scotland. The focus of our work is firmly based in contemporary plays and physical theatre, as well as radical adaptations of classic writing. This Summer we are taking on two plays by Sarah Kane, Cleansed and Phaedra's Love, and we need your help to bring these shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Photo credit: Ana Ribeiro



Sarah Kane is easily one of the most influental playwrights of recent times. She studied drama at Bristol University, graduating in 1992, and went on to an MA course in playwriting at the University of Birmingham, led by playwright David Edgar. Her life and career were turbulent, and after finishing five plays and a short film, she committed suicide in 1999. Although celebrated across the world, her plays are not often staged in Britain. Fear No Colours identifies with the passionate way her plays approach universal themes such as love, sex, death and pain - both emotionally and physically. The company draws on these themes in our aesthetic work, looking at ways to stage catastrophe through movement, technologically mediated performance and stylised representation.



Cleansed and Phaedra's Love are Kane's least performed plays in Britain. Both texts challenge their director and performers through ‘impossible’ stage directions, and push the limits of theatrical representation to the extreme. Cleansed posed an exciting challenge to the company’s director Julia Midtgard, and after a successful directing exam presentation at the University of Glasgow we decided to challenge ourselves further by also taking on Phaedra’s Love. Both plays expose the tragedies of characters who will do anything to stay in love, whatever the cost.

With 2015 marking the 20th anniversary of Kane's debut play Blasted, we feel this is the perfect time to immerse ourselves in the work of this extraordinary playwright, and share the experience with everyone in Edinburgh!




In a torture institution of the heart, seven lovers are faced with the impossible: love is indestructible and to stay in love, they must survive anything.

Our main intentions with Cleansed are to explore the catastrophe and violence of love, as well as investigating ways of representing the 'impossible' stage directions in the play. We want to reach into the core of the work and attempt to bring the base conflict and themes of the text to the surface.


What the press said about Cleansed in Leipzig

'I’d never been to such an intimate, passionate and raw theater performance before this Saturday at Neues Schauspiel...Sit on the front row, if you can, to get the full experience' - Ana Ribeiro, The Leipzig Glocal




Phaedra's Love:

When queen Phaedra falls madly in love with her stepson Hippolytus, disaster is inevitable. The prince has no interest in anyone's affections, and his apathy soon throws the nation's morals into irreparable turmoil.

Through a bold and passionate approach to the material we attempt to expose the pain of a love strong enough to cause catastrophe to an entire nation. By using movement and video, we are exploring how skin and flesh can be used as a visceral site of performance.




The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the largest annual events of live performance in the world. Every August more than 3,000 shows are on offer in the Scottish capital, trying to capture the attention of the theatre industry, as well as offer memorable and powerful experiences to a massive international audience. In here lies amazing opportunities for performance makers and companies, and also the possibility of connecting with and affecting people who enjoy live performance.



The Edinburgh Fringe is a costly affair for most companies and performers, and with few grants available, we rely on the kindness of strangers to help obtain our goal. Money raised will go towards covering venue hire to ensure we have a space to perform our material, fees to the playwright’s estate, as well as material for the productions and a roof over our heads.

Our budget:

Venue £7425

Playwright fees £2500

Accommodation £3900

Production materials £250

PR/marketing £500

Fringe registration fee £800




If you would like to support Fear No Colours in other ways than donating, we would be very grateful for help spreading the word about our company and campaign. To learn more about our work and adventures, follow our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fearnocolours it will introduce you to our team, keep you up to date on all our current work and future endeavours!



Julia Midtgard - Director

Born in Norway, Julia is in the final year of her MA (hons) Theatre Studies degree at Glasgow University, studying directing with Graham Eatough. Previously she studied acting, improv. and physical theatre in 02/03 at Sunnhordland FHS, Norway. In 2014 she directed Heterophobia by Austin Low, and an excerpt from David Greig's Brewers Fayre for Crossing The Lines at The Arches, in collaboration with Playwrights' Studio Scotland earlier in 2015.

After the festival, Julia will begin her postgraduate studies at the University of Glasgow, and continue her work in directing.




Erfan Shojanoori is in his first year at the University of Glasgow studying Theatre Studies and Philosophy. As an actor, he had his first experiences in high school, playing Fagin in Oliver the musical and Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet. His first role as an actor in University was Tinker in Cleansed. In 2014 he wrote and directed his first short film: 3 Cigarettes.

Erfan plays Tinker in Cleansed and Priest/Man 1 in Phaedra's Love


Lourenço de Almeida, born in Portugal, is in the last year of his Theatre Studies & Economics Honours Undergraduate course at the University of Glasgow. Lourenço played the role of young Oscar in the 2008 Spanish movie, Oscar. Una Pasión Surrealista. In 2013, Lourenço gave the voice to 'Antonio' in the Portuguese voice-over of Universal Studio's Despicable Me 2. He has been accepted into the two-year Tom Todoroff Conservatory and will begin his studies in New York in September 2015. 

Lourenço plays Graham in Cleansed and Theseus in Phaedra's Love


Samuel Skoog is a London born, New Zealand raised Theatre and English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. He has participated extensively in Wellington arts and fringe festivals, including several devised works with Pattacake Productions, and Hamlet in The Rehearsal: Playing the Dane with Pan Pan Theatre. He was also a member of Long Cloud Youth Theatre, a training and performing group that worked throughout Wellington theatres. After finishing high school he moved back to the UK, where he took part in workshop courses with RADA and Central schools, and became a board member of STaG (Student Theatre at Glasgow). Having worked in amateur and semi professional productions for many years, he is very excited to continue expanding his horizons with Fear No Colours.

Sam plays Carl in Cleansed and the Doctor in Phaedra's Love, as well as creating the choreography for both shows.


Callum Partridge is born in London, but raised internationally having moved country every four years since he was born. He studies Philosophy, Politics and Theatre at the University of Glasgow. He has performed in various amateur and semi-professional productions, whether as a musician or as an actor; in London, Oxford, Glasgow. Since attending the University of Glasgow, he has attempted to find some theatre work that could potentially diversify his involvement with the art; and with Fear No Colours Theatre Company, his attempts are coming to fruition.

Callum plays Rod in Cleansed and Hippolytus in Phaedra's Love


Siofra Ivy Jessica Dromgoole, born in London, is in her first year at the University of Glasgow, studying English literature. Her first role after numerous high school parts was Grace in Cleansed. She is very excited to continue expanding her repertoire, and to be a part of Fear No Colours.

Siofra plays Grace in Cleansed and Strophe in Phaedra's Love


Hannah Torbitt is in her final year at the University of Glasgow studying Theatre Studies and Comparative Literature. Always interested in theatre, she first wrote, directed and performed in a local pantomime when she was 15. While at University, she has performed in student productions, playing The Nurse in A Streetcar Named Desire and Marianna in a postmodern adaptation of Measure for Measure. She also appeared in It's Not Yous It's Us, a short video clip for the National Theatre of Scotland's Yes, No, Don't Know, 5-minute Theatre Show. After University, Hannah would like to pursue further training in acting.

Hannah plays The Woman in Cleansed and Phaedra in Phaedra's Love


Aea Varfis-van Warmelo is a trilingual actor, currently based on Glasgow as a first year student of Theatre and Classics. After having moved to the UK in 2012, she became heavily involved with student theatre, performed in Romeo and Juliet, Frankenstein, and Pool (No Water), among others. She is a member of The National Youth Theatre of Britain, having trained on their Epic Stages course and performed in their devised, immersive production: Viral. Other training includes physical theatre with Frantic Assembly and vocal training with the voice coach for the RSC. She remains active in Glasgow and looks forward to working with Fear No Colours.

Aea plays Strophe in Phaedra's Love and understudies for The Woman in Cleansed.


Anna-Kathrin Lindner, born in Germany, is in her first year at Glasgow University studying Geography. She has worked as an actor, ASM and in AV in productions led by Tom Bailey between 2009 and 2013. Roles she took include Anna Fierling in Mother Courage and Her Children and Emilie in Dangerous Liaisons. Anna-Kathrin is part of English Theatre Leipzig (AD, SM, publicity) and the NSDF 2015 technical team.

Anna-Kathrin plays Woman in Phaedra's Love


Raymond Wilson has been involved in theatre, musicals and short film in and around Glasgow since a young age, particularly in Clydebank where he grew up. He is a regular actor in STaG (Student Theatre at Glasgow), and has performed in several of their productions including Jerusalem (2014) and A Streetcar Named Desire (2013).   Raymond plays Robin in Cleansed and Man 2 in Phaedra's Love


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