Orphanage Appeal- Make Kids Smile

by Hope Orphanage Appeal in Skelmersdale, England, United Kingdom

Orphanage Appeal- Make Kids Smile


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To lessen the pain of Orphan children whose only hope of now and future is YOU. Thank you for not walking away but playing your part.

by Hope Orphanage Appeal in Skelmersdale, England, United Kingdom

You are a saviour.

Questions! Questions !! and more questions without answer... at least as these children are concerned. They became orphans with no fault of their own.

Is that what faith has dealt to them? Yes but it shouldn't be

Will that be their cross to carry for the rest of their lives? Shouldn't be.

Can I create a better memory that can somehow lessen their painful experiences.? Yes I can as s sponsor. Will they just be left to fend for themselves? They shouldn't

Surely I cannot just look away as if it's someone elses's responsibility. I wouldn't. Can I sow a seed for their future growth? Yes I can and ''I Will''.

Of course I can play a part and yes you too can and that's why you're reading this right now. Your heart has been drawn to these orphans because you are a life changer. You just wish you can take way their pain but the quote ''Every Little helps'' comes to mind so even if it's US$5, US$10, US$25 or more that you can give that will be great.

Your monthly support will go a long way to transform their living conditions. 

Please click the links on the following and see the videos for yourself...watch the videos of their bedroom condition,Kitchen condition, their fundraising effort etc and see what state the children have to live in. Thank you for being an AGENT OF TRANSFORMATION

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