Fat V's food

Fat V's food

We would like to set up our vegan van as a family run business, we have researched and found that there's a huge...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, my name is Trudy we would like to set up our vegan van/cafe as a family run business, we have researched and found that theres a huge demand for our business in our area especially the types of food we will offer.

We have interest and experience within the vegan community and attend a lot of vegan festivals, charity run animal shows that have huge vegan following and attendance, we've spoken to other vegan catering businesses who have supported our idea as well as family and friends and all agree this isnt just wanted but needed. We just need your backing now.

veganism is the fastest growing diet within the UK  rising by 360% in 10 years and people from the target area are travelling 15+ miles to eat at vegan resturants, i know given the chance we can give the food world something that isn't readily availble and isn't catered for, vegan cafes on a whole are few and far between but our food (we call it vegan junk) is even more scarce. 

To us this is more than a business this is our dream, our way of life, something we are proud to represent and are passionate about. 

We know this is a worthwhile venture for our family 

We have the passion, compassion and drive to do this and thank everyone who joins us on our journey.