57% Of Caterers Could Save Money Using This Method

57% Of Caterers Could Save Money Using This Method

WARNING - Don't order food online until you read this one announcement. We're crowfunding to help us educate, inform and spread the word.

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At Last! Our New Method Saves 57% of Discontented Caterers £725 Pounds Every Month


3:20pm, Friday 16th October 2015, 


Dear friend and investor,


As you can see I’ve attached the image of a one pound note to the top of this description. Why have I done this? Actually there are two reasons


1. I have something extremely important to tell you and I needed some way to make sure our project would catch your attention.


2. And secondly since what we offer concerns how we make (and save) restaurants and takeaways a lot of money, I thought using the image of an old one pound note, even though its not real, would be a little financial eye catcher.





As you can see Spicy Pete (our company mascot Chef seen above) is concerned. And Here's Why: As you know there's not a great deal of profit to start with for most in the catering business. Transaction values tend to be low, and materials and labour costs are high. Home delivery catering businesses (takeouts in the US, takeaways in England and Carryouts in Scotland) operate within a small local areas. This means there is a finite number of potental customers. 


Many have already swapped their utilities for cheaper suppliers,

paying less for their gas, electricity and insurance premiums.


Why? Because caterers in the Uk are having to look for ways to increase sales or save money. To increase sales, over 29,873 of them have committed to accept internet food orders from just two large online food portals.


The truth is, these portals make their money charging the caterer a transaction fee per order. And transaction fees have risen steadily, 7% in 2008 to upwards of 15% per food order in 2015. Order value has remained fairly constant. On average, these caterers are paying £725 every month. Some are paying into the thousands of pounds every month.


66% of restauranteurs now feel that the level of transaction fees are unfair. 49% say they're unable to build a relationship with customers coming from these portals. And 42% say that portal marketing ethics are in stark contrast to their own.


Some caterers have had to reduce portion sizes to compensate for the financial loss. This is bad for the consumer, and a big problem for the industry. Caterers appear to be locked into a bad deal.

(data based on a survey of over 400 caterers carried out by consultancy Preoday)


 What We've Accomplished So Far


1. We Created New technology To Save Caterers a Lot of Money


When we recognised the issue of caterers paying a lot in transaction fees, after talking with 683 takeaways ourselves, we wanted to do something positive about it.


So, we've spent one whole year developing our own unique online food ordering search engine called www.FastEat.biz. And by using our technology, caterers receive online orders without paying any transaction fees (they pay zero, nothing, diddly-squat) using our fast connect printers.


Our website FastEat works across all devices, mobile, desktop, tablet (if you want to try it, visit the website and try postcode NE1 1AL if your outside of the North East UK)


We removed the complications, the setup and administration fees and improved the technology to such an extend, that takeaway owners only pay a fixed £5 per week. Imagine paying just £260 a year, instead of £725 a month. Thats greater than the savings made by swapping utility suppliers. And that makes caterers very happy.


2. Customers make savings of up to 47% compared to regular food prices.


Everyone likes to get the best deal. So for consumers, we also developed a unique search and compare for restaurants, meal deals and special offers. Consumers simply type their postcode into our website and our unique search algorithm filters by price, product, food hygiene ratings, user ratings and delivery charges to show the user the best deals available within their postcode. One click and the deal is added to their shopping cart. Simples.



Savings can be up to 47% of the regular priced items. For a regular purchaser, this represents an average saving of £563 a year! And that makes customers very happy too.


We already have the menu of 1483 Takeaways and Restaurants in North East England. Our website is live, open for business and taking steady orders. 


Why We Need Your Help


Well, getting the word out to caterers (mainly takeaways and restaurant) and to customers that there is a better, cheaper alternative, is expensive and time consuming. We've spent two years so far on this project, all self funded, but our resources can only get us so far. Whilst we've built all of the underlying technology ourselves, we're still just a couple of guys working from home. This is no bad thing, but its time to grow.


So, we're turning to crowd funding to help us.


We need your pledges to help us raise capital to grow. We will use the funds raised for the following activities which we simply cannot afford to do ourselves


We're building a highly effective awareness campaign, and we'll use the funds we raise to do the following:


1. Build an education program, starting in Northern England, to inform caterers about our system, the cost savings and how to lock in more profit and save money


2. Build the awareness within community groups that there are retail savings to be had, without changing purchasing habits.


3. Promote healthy and responsible eating. Families who enjoy takeaway food, for example, are better informed about food hygiene. We're also building in a calorific content guide for the consumer which we'd like to complete.


4. We'd like to sponsor local community sports events, promoting motivation and healthy eating


5. Continue and increase our charitable work. There are tremeandous benefits in having a large motivated group of caterers/consumers for raising money, replenish food banks and help needy kids.


Our Amazing Rewards


We know you'd like to help us achieve our goals, wouldn't you? So, to say thank you for your support, we've put together an absolutely amazing set of food related rewards. Fun ones you can see below. 


To claim your reward, click onto the reward you'd like. There over there on the right hand side of this page. You might need to scroll up and down the page to look through and find the reward that you'd prefer to receive. 


The rewards named "RETAILERS REWARD ONLY" are designed for restaurants and takeaway food caterers only. Please do not choose them if you are a consumer or non-retailing pledger. 


Shipping and Delivery


We will ship all of the rewards at the end of this project at the end of November. You should expect to receive your reward by the first week in December 2015. It takes 7-10 working days (depending on the country your in), from the time we send, to receive your reward.


There are no delivery fees and we're able, through our excellent distributor partner, so send rewards anywhere in the world. So whether you're in the UK, USA, Europe or Australasia (or even Timbuktu) we can send your reward to you.


And Finally

We would of course be very thankful to receive your pledge. But even if you can't pledge, thats OK. But if you like what we're doing you can still help us massively by spreading the word. Let all your friends, family and even the guy next door (the one with the wonky leg) know about us and we'll be eternally grateful.


A huge thank you for taking the time to visit our page, and doubly so for passing the word on. THANK YOU SO MUCH for pledging. We really mean it!


p.s. you can keep up to date with us on facebook and www.fasteat.biz 


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