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Fast News is to be the worlds largest and fastest searchable content website for user generated unbiased reporting on things that matter.

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What is Fast News Network?


What is Fast News Network?

The advent of mobile technology has spawned a billion news journalists. 
Nothing in this world goes unnoticed any more. 
From a terrorist atrocity in a city centre, to a world famous celebrity being caught up to no good. 
In the past these pieces of footage have been exploited by greedy news networks with virtually no reward for the people who captured them. 
Fast News network is a dual portal. One side will be for the public to privately upload newsworthy items they’ve captured so that media networks around the world can fast bid for the footage and pay a fair price for it. The second part will be where reporters, celebs, bloggers, councils, activists and companies, or Mums and Dads can report on interesting developments in the world, be it local news to World news, fashion to football, food or music. 
Fast News Network will put the public in charge because news networks don’t own the news, or control the news, or decide what they pay for showing the news.

Fast News Network. We all own the news.


Intended impact

Many major media outlets don’t pay for their footage from the public, and if they do, they don’t pay enough. We want to change that by getting people to privately record and stream their footage to Fast News where you can get Media outlets to Fast Bid on your footage. The reason we are private is so you keep the copyright to your footage until it is paid for. There are other websites who offer to buy your story and share the profits, but you are relying on them to sell this for you. With Fast News you can sell or licence it globally and you keep 80% of the revenue. Don't forget it's not news until its broadcast, so if you do have something that everyone wants, they will have to wait, as you own it.

You would be able to sell and licence this on a global scale not just in the UK or USA, this will be a truly global content news network. It’s a bit like ebay for film and photographic content.

Reporting can be done from anywhere now, and you don't need camera and lights to do it, we are used to sat phones and mobile footage being broadcast to us. We aim to be that portal for the amateur (and pro) to report on things that matter to them.

Our software shows live uploads and streaming on a heat map of the world, so you can see up to the minute uploading and reporting. It's a great visual graphic designed by the designers from the Iron man movies, it's going to be fantastic.

Here is a link to the designers work

Once we have been paid, you get the money sent direct to your paypal account or other payment recipient and we donate 10% of ALL OUR revenue on your footage to a charity of your choice, we feel that is the new way of thinking.

We are Fast News.

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Substantial accomplishments to date

We have already started building the back end to Fast News but we do need capital to get us to the minimum viable product. Coding takes time and money and we are getting through my credit cards and bank balance quick time.



Monetisation strategy

Fast News has a selection of revenue streams.

1. We will take 20% of all footage and content sold on the site.

2. Advertising based on traditional banner advertising on the open portal.

3. FAST (Fast Advertising Strategic Template) a new concept we have developed where we connect brands with relevant reports going live. We would monitor certain Fast News'ers and commit brands to sponsoring a broadcast or report based on the content of the footage, and viewers attracted.

4. Subscription model for the closed network.

5. Premium users will be charged a storage rate.

6. Typical advertising space on bloggers sites, i.e. box adverts.

7. Digital classifieds local to the blogger or reporter. Bringing in local business to advertise on a persons page is key to local economics for towns and villages.

Fast News intends to regularly have a brand takeover day or week, where brands can block book the front page of Fast News. This means unlike YouTube and other massive platforms the brands can literally build there own Fast News front page. It will have all the features of a regular Fast News page, just the buttons and banners will be branded.

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Use of proceeds

Well we have already started building Fast News, but we need more money to pay for more designers and developers and servers, we believe that we need circa £50,000 to get us to market. We need servers to handle the uploads, and the most expensive part is our live heat map, that's the sexy search tool that is really exciting. 
The fundamentals for investment are

Application Server 
Android mobile and tablet 
iOS mobile and tablet 
Technology: HTML5 
Android Dev 
iOS Dev 
UI and UX Design 
Web application 
Dev budget 
Dedicated services 
Streaming software development 
Encoding software development 
Server set up and integration with application. 
Server hosting 
Technology: Lamp private server 
Static Storage 
Technology: dedicated server 
Streaming and Encoding server 
Technology: dedicated server 
TV application 
Technology: HTML5 
Will run on Amazon Fire and ChromeCast 
Apple TV application 
Technology: Native 
Will run only on Apple TV



Why? Because we feel that everybody should have a voice, and there should be a dedicated place where people can go and listen to that voice.  This isn't all about doom and gloom, this is also for positive reportage. Plus we feel that if you do have a bit of film or photographic content that is worth something to the news networks, you should make some money on that, and we as a company will help you do that.


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Target market

Being a two pronged business we have two markets. The upload and sell your footage market is the first, this of course could be anyone in the right or wrong place. 
The second is targeted at young reporters, bloggers, companies, activists, councils, film makers and people who feel that they can build an audience with interesting and followable content. 
Local newspapers could start their news channel within Fast News creating extra revenue from localised advertising on their page.

Both these markets are "a la mode"

Characteristics of target market

The market for civilian journalism and blogging is huge. You Tube is currently valued at over 80 billion dollars. Couple that with news and advertising revenue we are talking about a serious market place, with Google reaching total ad revenue of $18 billion in Q1 2016 alone. 
There are other civilian journalist companies out there, but they are reliant on selling the footage to earn revenue. We have multiple revenue streams and therefore believe that we can give the contributor more for their juicy story. We are positioning ourselves very much in the Twitter meets Ebay meets You Tube and out pops Fast News.

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Marketing strategy

We are hoping our hybrid platform will naturally drive people to the site, where you can then understand what we are about. 
Initially we would drive gorilla style stunt or stunts around major capitals to raise awareness to the projects. 
Having come from an advertising background, we have plenty of resourceful creatives, planners and directors to launch and market Fast News to the masses.

Competition strategy

Well there is always competition, but that makes you stronger, faster and smarter to make your product much more savvy than the rest. YouTube is of course the largest in the world, so there is room to steal a little thunder from the big boys. 

There are other sell your story websites out there Newsflare, Newszulu and Storyful but they are just an upload and sell to the Networks, we are different. We are a hybrid. We couple a reporting network with an upload and sell network.

We like to think in the end we will be the Twitter, Getty Images, Reuters and YouTube all rolled up into one Fast News Network!

We are slightly different, the very name of Fast News is focusing the market to up to the minute news. This could be local news, retail news, anything that is of interest to a certain crowd. Niche News!

We aren't worried about the competition, we just need to be competitive.

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The Team!



Dan Dickenson 

Has been in advertising for almost 20 years. He has run successful film production companies and is known for his directorial talent spotting. Joe Kosinski (Tron Legacy & Oblivion) Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland & Gangster Squad) and Nima Nourezadeh ( American Ultra and Project X) are a few of the many he has found from scratch. Dan wanted to bring in a service that had a focalised app and website that people could search live, if the map is hot, the news is too probably.


Chris Johnson

Chris has successfully produced and delivered over 100 apps and websites, working with some of the largest brands in the world he is a master of all things tech. He brings a proffessional and dedicated team to work on Fast News.

Charlotte Dickenson

Charlotte trained in photography journalism, but now is very happy working with families and proffesionals, her photographic work is simply stunning and she brings a creative edge to the team.

Blake Powell

Blake has worked in advertising for over 20 years, he is responsible for the running of one of the UK's largest and most prolific commercial production companies. With over 1000 commercials under is guidance he has great business acumen and his strategic thinking is second to none.