Fashion free year

Fashion free year

I'm raising £500 for Oxfam to go a full year without buying clothes.

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £533 of £500 target with 28 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Once I reach £500 I will pledge to go a full 12 months without buying clothes. The only exception will be underwear. All the money I raise will go to Oxfam,  whether it is less or more than £500. 

The clothing industry is one of the most unethical and unsustainable industries.  It's a worldwide problem that effects all of us.

Here's a few facts and figures about why I'm continually appalled by the fashion industry and what WE can do. 

When you buy something, it's a vote for that product and that is never more true than when we buy in to fashion. Fast fashion is killing our planet and we as consumers are voting for it. By taking small steps we have the power to demand big change. I invite everyone to shop less and wear more. 

£56,048 million spent on clothing each year in the UK

3 million tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions

Annually we throw away almost 1 million tonnes of textiles.

£140 million worth in landfill each year

And that's before I even start getting into the horrendous sweatshops and human rights violations. 

What can you do? 

You can sponsor me, if I can raise just £500 for oxfam, I'll go a full year without buying any clothes. 

Stop  buying in to fast fashion - buy pieces that will keep their style and last you longer. 

Donate, swap and rework your old clothes, you don't need to throw fabric away, even the tattiest old thing can be recycled for cleaning rags or patches for crafts. YouTube has thousands of videos on upcycling clothes. 

Buy it second hand. Charity shops and car boots sales are a goldmine for unique (and cheap) finds, but if trawling through the rails isn't your thing, do it all from your phone. Check out apps like Vinted, Depop and shpock. Don't forget the classics like eBay and gumtree too. Even Facebook has a market place now. 

Find sustainable/ethical fashion online. I know it's hard to find affordable AND ethical fashion,  but it's not impossible and the more we buy it the cheaper it will become. Check out people tree for sales, nobody's child for cheap yet ethical fashion and don't be  afraid to ask. Is this ethical? Is this sustainable? 

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