Fashionable t-shirts for mental health awareness

by Antonio Ferreira in Harrow, England, United Kingdom


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These T-shirts aim to spark a new era in fashion and mental health, raising awareness and further changing the narrative on mental health.

by Antonio Ferreira in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

As an advocate and lived experience consultant for mental health, I picked up on something important. 

I noticed there weren’t any fashionable T-shirts which can raise awareness for mental health. The only mental health related clothing available, were those which charities offer from being a volunteer for them.

While these are a great reward, they are not so socially appealing. What if, you aren’t a volunteer for these specific charities yet you still want to physically display a support for mental health awareness?

Furthermore, the volunteer T-shirts are not clothing you can wear casually, out to dinner or when meeting up with family and/or friends.

Therefore, I decided to design a line of T-shirts which remain fashionable, simple and stylish while raising awareness for mental health.

Moreover, the T-shirts hold character, purpose, meaning and represent an important cause in the world.

Mainly, they can be worn casually!

I am now looking to gain funding to produce this first line of T-shirts.

In the near future, I hope these T-shirts can extend into more apparel such as tracksuits.

Let's make 'Fashionable t-shirts for mental health awareness' happen

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