Fashion-Ecommerce Online Marketplace -(COLLAR APP)

Project by Bal Singh

To help fund only the marketing of a Fashion-Ecommerce Online Marketplace so we

We did it!

On 26th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £40 with 4 supporters in 56 days

We've created a world first app that connects Fashion Designers to Fashion Wholesalers all from a touch of a button.

Fashion-Ecommerce Industry is a very large marketplace, which is still lacking a marketplace where designers and wholesalers can work together and can develop different uniquely designed fashion apparels. Now A Days everyone needs something unique to wear so it requires a lot of unique experienced designers to work on fashion apparels and develop Unique style products, but fashion industry needs highly skilled professional and for that they have to pay each designers a good amount of salary only then they’ll work , but getting work done from a freelancer is effective then hiring a designer.

So this marketplace exactly works the same. In this online marketplace, there is a wholesaler, a freelance designer and wholesaler can also add factories which will produce the designed product (Designed by freelance designer) and they can also add salesperson to showcase the designs to other fashion retail outlets to get the piece target for starting the production.

Has the App Already been developed ?

App has already been launched on the iPhone. Feel free to download it right now 

The app will be developed on Android shortly.

Why am I pleading for the money on this project ? 

As the app has already been developed and put live on iOS we have spend a great amount of time and money testing, developing and making this app work as smooth as possible but we have now need financial backing to market and promote the app for people to download and purchase the credits so we can take the project world wide.

My Business Understanding

Fashion-Ecommerce Online Marketplace is a marketplace where wholesaler and designer meet and get their work done. Here both business employers can get their work done and easily they can expand their business via using this type of marketplace.

Business Role

There are four types of user roles involved in this marketplace 

i.e. Wholesaler <> Freelance Designer

Wholesaler  >> Sales Person>> Factory

Wholesaler gets the product designed by freelance designer.

The same designed product is given to salesperson to close sales target and add in the system where factory person who is managing the account can check number of targets which they have to meet and this cycle goes on.

Key Features

User Role


Freelance Designer

Factory Worker


User Login will be same for all type of user roles, There is no need for creating different login structure for different roles.

Only the UI screens will be different for different user roles, all features will be in same applications

Key Features





Social Login (Facebook/Gmail)

Forgot Password


Social Register (Facebook/Gmail)

Dashboard (Complete statistics of how many designs uploaded, How many targets covered by sales personnel, How many products have been developed by Factory Worker)

Upload Your design


Capture from Camera

Analyzing the Photo

Add comment for Designer

Freelance Designer List View


Detailed View

Filter (Rating/Apparel Category)

Sort (Alphabetically,Relevance)

Hire Freelancer

My Freelancer (Hired Freelancer)

Work Progress

Give Review Rating

Sales Personnel (Manage Sales Account)


Give Target

Factory Worker (Manage Factory Worker Account)


Add Document

Give Target (Production Target)


Pay for Subscription


Edit Profile

Push Notification

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy








Social Login (Google/Facebook Api Integration)

Social Register

SMS Authentication

Email authentication (confirmation Email)


Search (One Word Keyword Search API)

Document Template Integration

Apparel Recognition Custom Integration (Custom Api will be created)

Feed API Integration

Payment Gateway

Web Service Integration

Any Questions

Please ask. This app will take the fashion industry by storm once we've got the funds to market this

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