Faroe Islands Documentary

by Noël, Sadie, & Val in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Documentary
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Come along as we explore the preservation and merging of two distinct, multi-hemispheric cultures in the far-flung Faroe Islands.

by Noël, Sadie, & Val in Faroe Islands

New stretch target

Any funds raised beyond what we have initially asked for will assist in insuring extra gear and with submissions to film festivals after finishing. Any further remaining funds will be used to make a contribution to a charity within the Faroe Islands.


"The Faroe Islands: A Modern Society with a Traditional Element"

Once upon a time, a small group of eighteen islands tucked away in the North Atlantic Sea became the home of traveling monks, Vikings, and kings. Fast-forward a few good centuries and we find the Faroe Islands of today: culturally rich and bursting with untold stories.

With the population of the Islands in decline in recent years, the Faroese have opened their borders to immigrants (women, in particular) in a unique move to maintain their population and ways of life. One result of this is a large minority population hailing from the Philippines, bringing their own stories and culture all the way across the world with them.

The documentary will explore aspects of the Filipino diaspora, telling the story of people who left their home to come and make a new one in the Faroe Islands. In contrast this will also be the opportunity to look closer at Faroese traditions and the will of remote communities to stay and keep their cultural heritage alive. Ultimately, it will be about homeland and our cultural roots, whether in the decision to leave them behind, protect them, or cultivate something new.


We are deep in the pre-planning stages at the moment, but will be filming on-site in the Faroe Islands for 18 days: From the 15th July to the 2nd August, 2019. After returning from the Faroes, we will be living life in the edit suites until October 2019, when we plan to have our final production.

 Although this is a very ambitious time-line, we are working tirelessly to get everything moving as swiftly and smoothly as possible, and we appreciate all the support we can get along the way!


As a student, low-as-possible-budget film, our aim is to do the most with what little we have. Unfortunately, with a project this ambitious, certain costs are unavoidable on the way to meeting our end goal. All funds kindly donated towards this project will go directly into making our story on this little "faroe-way island" possible: helping us with travel, accommodation, and production costs. Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful for any and all generosity shown!

Rough Price Breakdown (Covering 3 People for 18 Days):

  • Flights = £1100
  • Accommodation = £750
  • Additional Ground Transport = £100
  • Equipment Insurance = £150
  • Food / Misc. Buffer = £100

    TOTAL ASK: £2200

• MEET THE TEAM: Sadie, Val, & Noël •

Hey, I’m Sadie! I’m 23 years old from England, and I have a background in Zoology (bit weird, I know). Half way through my undergraduate degree, I found a passion for science filmmaking and decided to study for an MSc in Science Media Production after finishing. Through the course of my masters I’ve found that I really enjoy making documentaries, and in particular I love telling emotional, human stories. I am so excited to explore the culture of such a beautiful yet remote and unusual country, and create a film that shares the perspectives of those who make the brave decision to move half way around the world in search of a better life.

Hi, I'm Noël! I am originally from the U.S., but have spent the last 6 years living in the U.K. Since leaving home I've acquired a BSc in Neuroscience, fallen in love with photography and videography, had a full-blown identity crisis about doing "arts vs science," and eventually decided I'd rock the best of both worlds by entering the world of documentary with an MSc in Science Media Production from Imperial College London - where I met this incredible crew! I have always felt that the most important messages, whether scientific or humanities based, are best told through creative means: making them more emotional, accessible, and memorable. I feel so lucky to be working on a project that, to me, epitomizes what storytelling should be, and places a focus on real human experiences. I know I speak for all of us when I say I can't wait for you to see our final production! [ There will be a link to some of Noël's past work here soon! ]

Hallo - I’m Val! Born and raised in France, my scientific education took me to England to study for a BSc in Environmental Science. Retrospectively, these years have been far more invested in photography, films and music production rather than spending time at the library. Once the Pandora box had been opened, the end of my degree left me cursed to long for more creative projects to sink my teeth in. And so, after indulging in a few months of Post-Uni Existential Crisis™, the perfect solution to bridge the gap between education and passion finally surfaced: Enrolling to Imperial College’s MSc in Science Media Production. So far this documentary is one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the chance to work on and all three of us are thrilled and busy to organise each step of the production. [ Check out some of Val's past work here: https://meneveau.com/ ]

Thank you for visiting our project page, all your contributions will take us a step closer to producing our documentary and tell human stories worth to be heard.


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