Farnham Facial Hair Portrait Book

Publish a prepared book of Men with Facial Hair from Farnham, UK with 10% of the cover price being donated to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thank you so much for checking this one out! (At the bottom of this story is a panel with all 159 faces of the project, all in the book - who do you know?)

Buy this quality coffee table book of 159 hairy Farnham Faces and 10% of the cover price goes to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care in Farnham, England. (If you want a book make sure you choose a Reward on the right, please don't choose the Donate option of £50 if you want a book.  Donations to help the campaign along are fantastic and I am very grateful but make sure you choose the right method)

I'm a commercial & portrait photographer based in Farnham, England running a small studio and back in 2014 I had a fella in for a business headshot portrait. Stuart Morrison sported a grand handlebar moustache, which got us talking about what men did with their faces!.

That was the seed to my Farnham Facial Hair Project.

I figured it would be fun to create a collection of portraits showcasing local guys with beards, stubble, moustaches and everything in between. The idea was to have an exhibition, publish a coffee table book and raise some money for the local Hospice.

Andre Gawor lived in the same street as me at the time and I knew him as a local newsagent. I knocked on his door, said what I had in mind and he quickly agreed, although somewhat bemused. Andre was the first and takes position on the book's cover.

I then put a shout out on Facebook, thinking a few blokes might turn up. Well, it got traction pretty fast and low and behold, hairy men came along to be photographed. Over the latter part of 2014 I had about 30 men drop in to the studio (one home visit) with most happy to be involved! A few had been pressed ganged by their partners and one chap was almost dragged in by his very excited girlfriend!

2015 was quieter, work and life got in the way of a personal type project but 2016 saw the flames fanned and a big push took place. In 2016 I took the tally to 159 portraits.

Back in 2014 though, wanting to make the project worthwhile and donate to a charity I bashed ideas around with Jamie Barlow who runs a local marketing agency (Hyped Marketing) and we ended up asking if the local hospice, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care, would be happy to be a recipient charity. They said yes, which was at that time a yes to nothing since I had no idea really how this would pan out.

From early on the motivation to include a donation to the Phyllis Tuckwell has been a driving force, both for me and the men who have taken part. The big step was finally making it official when I signed a contract with the Phyllis Tuckwell . This is called a Commercial Participators Agreement (CPA) and guarantees they get their share so, 10% of the book's cover price, inclusive of VAT at the applicable rate, will donated to Phyllis Tuckwell, registered charity number 264501.

So, 2016. This was the year that really rocked. My wife and I cooked up the idea to set up a mobile photo studio at the local fetes, fayres and carnivals around Farnham over the summer months. We started at the Rowledge Fayre which set the tone and clearly confirmed it would work. That was followed by Frensham Fayre, Tilford Fete, Farnham Town Carnival & Fayre, Hale Carnival & Fayre finishing with The Bourne Show. I couldn't have done this without my wife Jenny, youngest daughter Flossie and her friend Grace or the sponsorship from Jamie Barlow and Hausmaids for publicity material.



Once I wrapped the photography though reality set in with the editing and logistics of the end games, which come in two parts. This campaign is only concerned with part one, publishing the book. Part two is an exhibition but that will hopefully come later.

To get this book published I need you to buy it!    Now!

I am aiming for at least 250 books with the hope we can go way over target. The book price is £50 with £5 from every copy going to the Phyllis Tuckwell. Options to buy factor for local collection at my studio, delivery in the UK and abroad and for multiple copies. Producing a quality hardback book of this size at relatively low print runs is expensive and factoring the logistical costs and time spent into the mix, crowdfunding is the best way to get the book produced and in your hands.

This is a quality coffee table book depicting 159 men around Farnham between 2014 and 2016 all of whom sport facial hair. Some the everyday short beard, some permanent stubble, some wild and shaggy, neat and trimmed, young and old... it's a good mix.

If you know someone in the book, be they family, friend, work colleague, why not buy a copy? If you don't know anyone in the book, why not decorate your table or your bookcase with some fab faces and help me donate to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.