Farming Future Feelings

by Fewsion Collective in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Farming Future Feelings
We did it
On 28th March 2020 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 42 days

Raising money to cover start-up costs and give our organisation the best chance of succeeding in helping those with mental health challenges

by Fewsion Collective in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Farming Future Feelings

Fewsion’s Beginnings

Fewsion Collective was founded by Jonathan Fews. Jonathan has faced adversity throughout his life as a result of mental illness and neurodiversity. 6 months ago, whilst recovering from a mental health breakdown, Jonathan found comfort in mixing music. Collaborating with some special musicians, they started producing, with the aim to help others relate, find comfort or get support. Jonathan also started designing t-shirts to promote a positive message around mental health and raise funds for local mental health and dyslexia charities.

These projects successfully evolved into a record label, fashion brand and wellbeing group - The Fewsion Collective, who’s main vision is ‘to see a world in which those with mental health or neurodiversity challenges are given every opportunity to succeed’

Jonathan is ever increasingly spending more of his time with Fewsion volunteers and creating support groups, giving contributors with mental health and/or neurodiversity challenges a platform to showcase their abilities and succeed. They are given a chance to express their feelings, recover or gain confidence and supported in producing tracks that can be released on Fewsion Beats, or submitting T-shirt designs as part of Fewsion’s Fashion brand.

As part of Fewsion’s wellbeing group, Jonathan runs supportive workshops with young people and is starting a programme within youth clubs this year, with plans to take this into schools. These programs create a safe environment that encourages young people to rap or sing over Fewsion-produced music, or to design T-shirt’s that help them express their struggles with neurodiversity or mental health.

Support So Far

Fewsion has already received the support of some renowned organisations, including MIND Cardiff, who have recognised Fewsion as a gateway service to their community. They have also funded Fewsion’s suicide intervention training (ASIST) - allowing Fewsion to assist with 5 suicide interventions already.

The WCVA have also provided Fewsion with a great deal of support and advice, including help with the next level of funding opportunities, once Fewsion begin hiring employees.

Action Coach provided a business coaching mentor program to Fewsion directors

Perfect Home funded Fewsion’s business training

The European Union has provided Fewsion with funding over the next 3 years to allow the Wales Co Operative Centre to assist with business set up, incorporation, business guidance support, growth management and compliance.

Fewsion has also received creative design support from Plot Creative, Kate Hayden and advice from Tom Whitehead, and mental health training from Craig Rees and Ryan Rides

We Need Your Help

Being a Limited by Guarantee means that Fewsion has no share capital and their directors and committee members are contributing on a voluntary basis. They work extremely hard to produce music and fashion that will help others. As Fewsion develops, their costs as an organisation are beginning to grow and they need funds to support their 3 groups, Wellbeing, Beats and Fashion.

The money raised will go towards evolving many aspects of Fewsion Collective. Firstly, becoming incorporated, allowing Fewsion to become a formally recognised organisation and legal company. It will also fund the advancement of Fewsion’s online presence, outsourcing to specialists to improve outreach, and facilitating media promotions and campaigns. Fewsion wants to make sure that their message is getting heard by as many people as possible, who can relate, find comfort or get the courage to ask for help. With your support, Fewsion can keep up with the momentum that their organisation is rapidly building.

Prize Draw

Everyone who donates to our Crowd Funder will be entered into a Prize Draw at the end of the project. We have a range of fantastic goodies, donated by local organisations and businesses, to give away! Stay tuned to find out what’s up for grabs!

Our Stretch Target

Fewsion has many other projects which will benefit from financial support. Any extra funding above our original target of £3000 will go towards...

  • Enhancing Fewsion Wellbeing workshops by providing resources such as posters, stickers and help cards to aid younger people who may be struggling, detailing where they can find help for mental health and neurodiversity challenges. This money can also improve access, allowing Fewsion to travel further and deliver their workshops to more youth groups. With this growth, Fewsion can begin implementing their music and fashion workshops within schools across the UK.
  • Funding studio time for Fewsion Beats to professionally produce their mental health awareness tracks. In addition to this, extra financial support will aid the distribution of these tracks as official Fewsion releases, across various music streaming platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. A professional music video can also be produced, ensuring Fewsion's anthem, Thank You Paul has the best chance of succeeding in helping as many people as possible.
  • Fewsion providing their team of directors with further training to help support more contributors within the Fewsion Collective, creating a safe environment for them to express themselves.

Your Reward

A donation however big or small will help Fewsion #farmfuturefeelings

For as little as £15 (a big discounted rate), you will receive a limit edition Fewsion T-shirt. Produced completely separately to Fewsion’s main fashion collection. These t-shirts will be printed by Cardiff's only community based, not-for-profit, screenprinting workshop, The Printhaus!

You will also receive a screenprinted gold certificate, thanking you for your support!

Thank You!

A massive thank you to all that have contributed already and who are supporting Fewsion via their social media pages.

Let’s make sure that together, we’re always farming future feelings.

For more information, to get involved or to talk about Fewsion’s programs, please get in touch!

More Information about Fewsion 

Fewsion’s mission

  • To promote awareness and break the stigma associated with neurodiversity and mental health
  • To provide a platform for our contributors to express themselves with confidence.
  • To help others relate, find comfort or get the courage to ask for help.

Fewsion Beats (Record Label)

Fewsion Beats makes music with a mental health and neurodiversity message, by working with established artists who support our cause. We’ve also started a “contribution group” of volunteers who have an interest in music, to create tracks that they can release on our record label. We currently have 8 contributors, an anthem track about to be release (with words taken from Paul Merson), along with an EP and an album on the way.

Fewsion Fashion (Clothing)

Fewsion Fashion, designs and sells T-shirts to break the stigma and promote awareness. We work with volunteer artists with dyslexia or mental health challenges, giving their work a platform to be showcased. We are also working with art groups within charities (like MIND Cardiff) to create T-shirt designs with the profits being directed back to support the given charity.

We’re also excited to be currently working on ‘rework projects’, taking old clothes, redesigning them and selling them as unique collections on our fashion label.

Fewsion Wellbeing (Social and Community Brand)

A percentage of all profits from Fewsion Beats and Fashion will be reinjected into Fewsion Wellbeing and used to support our contributors with their own business aspirations. We are running a mentor program where we provide access to a business coach and support with business training and business incorporation.

We also run workshops with youth groups to encourage them to express themselves. This involves giving them the platform to rap or sing over our music, or by designing T-shirt’s that help them to detail their struggles with neurodiversity or mental health. We have already started this journey and are running a program within youth clubs, with plans to take our program into schools.

Feedback from our Fewsion Beats Brand

“Thankyou for everything, this music is my talking, it's my therepy I release so much feeling when I write it really helped me since mally left. Bro!”

“This group has helped me to feel again, were making music for the mind”

“Last night when I got sent the beats and starting playing them I was so excited. My mrs was sitting next to me and I started free styling and she started laughing and said it’s so nice to see you smile so thank you so much”


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£15 Reward

A limited edition Fewsion T-shirt, exclusively produced for their Crowd Funder Campaign. Printed onto white 100% organic cotton T-shirts by Cardiff's own, not-for-profit screenprinting studio The Printhaus. You will also receive a screenprinted gold certificate thanking you for your support in helping Fewsion #FarmingFutureFeelings

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